Thursday, January 24, 2019

Why aren't clouds square?

I wondered, as I looked at the clouds just off the beach, why aren't clouds square? They could be any shape, I guess, but I just wondered why they are the shape they are. Must be the wind, eh? In any case, I'm glad they are the shape they are, because they are really pretty. The palm trees are nice too. (There ya go, Alex.)

And today, ta-da! there were two octopuses again. And two scorpion fishes, albeit of different types (devil scorp and leaf fish).

The first octopus was a really cute little one. Well, actually, both were small-ish, but some just feel little. I can't 'splain it.
 Here's the little one. Really cute. Adorable, even.
 It had some interesting coloration, which seemed to come from the light.
 The siphon. It's hard to see its eyes, but they are just below the siphon. Taken from above, of course. If I did scuba, I could get a better side angle, but that's too much work and expense. I like the freedom of snorkeling.

And a bit of rainbow color.
 And octopus #2. A bit bigger, or at least it appeared so. You can see the white siphon from underneath that rock.
 And rainbow colors again. In the one above, you can also see the siphon, and in this case, the eye is just above the siphon.
 Both eyes visible and it's doing the hunched over thing, where it appears to have shoulders. I guess they actually do, but really it's just the body wrapped around the eyes.

I can't figure out why the octopus is so cool to me, but I guess I don't have to figure it out, just enjoy them. They just are very cool animals! Smart. Adaptable. Able to look one in the eye. And react. Unlike some fish, who just zoom around and don't seem to notice people at all.
 Here's the Leaf fish. In the black coloration. Resting on the surrounding rocks. It didn't move at all. Just awaiting breakfast, I guess. They have venom too, but just don't seem as lethal as the Devil Scorpions.
 And here's the big guy: the devil scorpion fish. 
 This photo isn't prime, but you can see the "venom warning signs" on the underside of its fins as it moved.
 And another not prime photo, but it's a dragon moray eel. Neither of the two I took were good, but seeing this animal is so rare for me, I wanted to at least mention it!
Google images has some cool photos. They are a very cool eel.
 My old pal, the Abudefduf. I made a monthly calendar featuring one and my relatives thought that, since I had said there was a boo-boo on the calendar, that the name of this fish was the error. Nay, nay, mon ami.
 I'm not sure what made the little boo-boo on the Ambon puffer's mouth..maybe a fungus. The ocean is full of stuff.
 A Brighteye Chromis, since I haven't included one for a while.
 The same cone shell from yesterday.
 The Female trunk fish. I like how tidy they look.
 Fleabite cone shell.
 And a herd of goats.
 The Hawaiian Hogfish took a hike as soon as it saw me. What'd I do?! I was feeling well enough to go over to the deeper side today. No octopus, but it was still nice to see some of the animals that don't go over to the shallower side. One of which is the Rock Mover Wrasse.  Not sure why.
 The Male Trunk fish.
 See what I mean about the Mohawk? 
 And the moon. Big these days and it's totally messing with the tides.
 More rainbow he'e. 
 I call this sad coral, as it has been bleached. Not a good sign. Poipu gets a lot of traffic, so there's lots of damage on the reef.
 But the sleeping seals don't mind...or if they do, they aren't saying. It's cool: this seal was sleeping on the island on the island of Kauai.
 See the little Snowflake Moray? 
 Rainbow hit the urchin too.
 Yellow tail Coris. These are so beautiful.

Well, that's the haps for today. I'm hoping and praying to swim 6 days in a row. God willing, I'll report again tomorrow!

Look at octopigirl7 on youtube for the devil scorp video.

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