Monday, January 31, 2022

Brother in town!

Can you believe that it is almost cheaper to fly somewhere than to mail a package to that destination?! I got a great visit from my brother this week, because to mail his present was $150 and to fly was only about $100 more. I'm happy!

It is also nice to have someone to walk my routes with me.

The caterpillars (and butterflies) are back. I was in error to think they had killed the tree by eating all its leaves: the leaves and the bugs are back, the latter are  happily munching.

Hibiscus and roses. Lovely.

Crown of Thorns plant and flowers
Venus is visible this time of year, as is the Moon. Palm trees, babe!

This cactus was a surprise: looked like white snow on the plant, with a few pink flowers.
Ha. My brother didn't know that I had staged puzzles on cardboard in case we wanted to frame them. Tsunami! Fortunately, he was able to reconstruct the puzzle without the "waves."
Lantana. This is my favorite combo. There are also yellow and red varieties.

Mickey Mouse Cactus
Nice flower on top of a succulent.

Luminosity: the ones further away seem smallest/less bright. The left and the right lights are streetlights (without flash.)
Caterpillar poo.  Who knew?
The Monarchs were hard for me to catch with my camera, as they were very quick and didn't fly a straight path.

Traffic jam

Water lily will be open soon.

This fruit was perhaps 1 foot long. Most of it was hiding under the leaves.
My brother told me about a new/better  plant app, so in future posts, hopefully, I'll be able to state the type of plant.

These roses are a gift from God.

And while I don't eat a lot of pineapple, I'm still chuffed to see them.
Poinsettia. I love these types, with the differing colors.

Early morning lovely clouds.

This little dog enjoyed barking at the end of his chain. Perhaps it's a French dog, what with the cool neck scarf.
I thanked the lady for her creativity.

I guess they don't get vertigo!

God's rays from behind the clouds.
The little Sheltie enjoyed sniffing my brother...perhaps he could smell the slight presence of Weimaraner and Vizsla on his shoes.

Enjoy your loved ones. Appreciate them. Love is from God. And have a great week!