Sunday, July 25, 2021

Early Sunday Morning

Before I start the main part of this post, I wanted to say how odd it still is not to go to church on a Sunday morning!

Covid has definitely messed with my plans. Mind you, I still pray and know that God hears and answers. I don't need church to have that certainty. But it is the community that I miss. That said, on to the flowers and puppies!

This is the only way I'll show bees to my hubby, since he's allergic! Note the pollen he is carrying...I think it's so cool. Their system for picking up pollen and carrying it is really awesome. Apologies to those who are allergic: at least you can't get stung by a photo!

I love being able to capture the flower and the water droplets. 

Pineapples still going strong all over the island.
Did you know Okra has flowers, too? Doesn't make me want to eat the stuff, but I do think it's cool.

Here's Ollie hoping I would come over.
I'm still awaiting this coloration on my plant of this type.
Magnolia flower insides. The white flower falls off and leaves this. I can only assume they are seeds.

This nice pitbull looks so lonely. I told him he was a good dog for not barking. But he is also the one that ate the weekly paper a few weeks ago. Boredom is a horrible thing....
From the top of this photo to the bottom, the helicopter (pink) weed makes a long vine, totally going through any other plants that are there. I'm thinking it disturbs and steals energy from the regular, desired plants, so people usually dig up this weed. It's very hardy, though.

Bitter melon, with the additional weedy vines.
Here's the cute dog that always stands on the fence, trying to get me to cross the street and pet him. He has long hair, though, so not so much the petting from me. His neighbor is a Doberman.
God's rays
These are the largest papaya I have ever seen. I don't know how they get this big. Well, more accurately, I don't know why others are not also large. I wonder if they taste the same.

This very adorable Corgi stood on the sidewalk, awaiting my arrival...
And waiting...
Awww. It would be very hard to discipline this dog! But then, he didn't need correction. But he was a very cute dog, who probably wondered why I didn't pet him. I could hear him thinking: "I waited for your arrival and now it's all for nothing?!"
Now here's the plant that caused me consternation this week: I found out that it's toxic! And here I thought it was so cool. I am debating about whether to keep it in my garden. The online info says it can be harmful to birds and small animals. I don't really need that on my mind. Mother of Thousands. I see them on my walks. Now I wonder if people have them in their outdoor gardens to keep pets off the grass?!

More gnomes from the rose garden. I'm not particularly into gnomes, but I do think occasionally they are cute. In someone else's garden, that is.

Bitter melon again. This plant makes a nice covering over walls and gates and fences. Sometimes I see the fruit totally empty. I think birds, at least, eat them.

Red pineapples. Not sure how that happens.

It was looking rain-ish. I got only a very small sprinkle on me while walking. I look forward to the gentle rain, as it does cool me off. Note Diamond Head in the distance.
Crown flower seeds. They'll get blown somewhere.
Water lilies. I'm told they open more with more sun. I walk too early for that.
And the star fish plant flowers. Odd, right?

Bunny was home. I love watching him twitch his whiskers.
A new street brought a whole mess of this succulent plant. I plan to look it up. I'll update when I do.

More Mother of Thousands, along with Christmas cactus and other cacti.


Can you spot the Saffron Finch? I would never choose this electrical apparatus as a resting spot.
Mr. Lizard advertising his virility. Chacun a son gout!
Papaya and clouds
A lizard on top of the world.
This pitbull is NOT the nice one! I was surprised his pal didn't also prance around barking.
Bunny evading the heat of the day.
More star fish flowers.
And my fave: roses of the pink persuasion.

Water lilies

The house where the cool shepherd used to live now has a barky German Shepherd. Not sure what they are protecting. I am sure I still feel sad about that shepherd that was put down.
Ocean. We are an island!

I have been missing the flowers on this plant, but was able to catch at least one in the background.
Mushroom! And no, I do not pick them. 
Lantana. The mower keeps trying to cut this plant back, but apparently it is very hardy, as it keeps coming back with its pretty flowers.

This is the white version of the pink flowers, the ones that look puffy.
Two of the 3 of these dogs were barkers. Something about little dogs makes them think they need to make noise. But in all fairness, some big dogs are big barkers too! (Like the Belgian that's a big, chesty bark!)
A new cactus. Well, new to me, that is.

Um, no! No to okra chips, cauliflower chips and also broccoli chips. Who are they kidding?!
Crown of thorns plants and flowers

I call it the spaceship cloud. I was wondering why it has the other color. Some mysteries are meant to be just that.

Enjoy your Sunday. Here's hoping Covid is beaten soon! Get your shots!