Sunday, May 30, 2021

Cute pups

This was a week in which I discovered there are some pups that I can pat!

Without sneezing, that is.

A very cute Sheltie:

Isn't he just the cutest?! Of course, he had no interest in me, since I had no treats, but once I scratched behind his ears, he did sit down for a minute. But he is totally a puppy: very rambunctious and raring to go and curious. I thought his ample fur would do me in, but no ill effects.

Very surprised none of these little ones yapped. 

Doesn't it look as if she's smiling?
For the video of the bee doing its job, go to youtube and search for octopigirl7

Another of the plants that really wants to live, even in unforgiving places.

The yellow is the okra flower. I don't like 'em, but you may.

 A lot alike! Well except for color. And size. And length of fronds. Well, maybe not so alike after all..

Believe it or not, there is a White Rumped Shama in that tree! I have been surprised to see no Kolea recently. Are they off on their migration again?!


Sunday, May 23, 2021

Mutually surprised in the restroom

 On my walks, I take advantage of restrooms in the local parks. They are all quite well maintained and clean.

So on my walk yesterday, having done my business, I reached for toilet paper, only to put my hand on something squishy!

Turned out a gecko was hiding in the t.p. receptacle. And I touched him. Not sure which of us was more surprised. He jumped down and ran to the corner and then disappeared. It took me a minute to recover! Nothing like touching a gecko when you aren't expecting it.

Perhaps because we can't have pets at our place and also because of my allergies, I love to see the pets of others! However, my brother, who has a garden, says bunnies eat the stuff he grows, so he's not such a big fan. 

I found a bird's nest on the ground. I didn't see anything in it, so hopefully nobody died.

Fruits that I can't identify. Shocking, I know! Sadly, for the most part, the gardeners are not out and about when I walk by, so I can't ask them. 

This is the flower type that started my floral interests. Although the one that I remember from Kauai was a pink version. And really pretty.

Noni with flowers. And no ants. I often see ants wandering around on the Noni.

Bunny leaned up on the fence. The owner says she keeps the bunny separate from their little dog, because the bunny terrorizes the dog! 

Saffron Finches actually stayed on the railing long enough for me to snap their photo.
Pineapples are growing each day. I did notice there were 19 in this patch, not 20. Hope the owner got the missing pineapple.
These people keep ducks in their yard.

Another unidentified fruit

I am hopeful that the starter plant the gardener gave me will bloom. I don't have a good plant growing record.

The profusion of blooms on these plants is unequaled. I counted at least 30 open already or getting ready to open.

There are often lots of bees around these blooms.

God's rays

The orange fruit is younger, I think, because it's smaller. And the birds get after them when they can.

My fave rainbow: in the clouds.

Another plant that really wants to live against all odds.

This nice dog didn't bark until I walked away. He definitely wanted a pat from me.

This little guy also kept quiet until I walked away. I took this photo from across the street, so that's probably why he kept quiet. Too far away to hassle.

This mondo grass had a few mushrooms on it too.
Apparently, they didn't think metallic colored posts were bright enough. 
Sometimes I call them Hibiscuits. HA.

My favorite blue. So clear and deep. 

These are Tibetan Spaniels. None of them barked. Good dogs!

More of God's rays.

This Golden Retriever didn't hear me until I was beyond his yard. He did awaken and take off after me. Luckily, the fence kept him in. 
I think it's a Belgian Malinois. It didn't say anything to me. Of course, the owner was right nearby, so perhaps that's why it was on its best behavior.

These shoots came out from the succulent. There were probably 10 of them on this plant.

Well that's it for this week. Hope you enjoy seeing the flowers and animals. I am afraid I cannot promise underwater shots for a while. I do need to investigate another place to swim, as Hanauma Bay is problematic. We'll see.

Thank you so much for perusing my posts. I like to pass on God's beautiful creations.