Sunday, February 26, 2023

The Comet is gone and are you trying to kill me?!

 I had seen a photo of the recent green comet. I wasn't too worried about husband and I dated and fell in love over Comet Hyakutake, so that was enough comet for me.

The Nutcracker puzzle was another challenge altogether! My sister sent it to me. Upon seeing the photo on the box, I called to thank her and then asked Are you trying to kill me?!

 She admitted it was challenging. I am tempted to send it back to her, now that I have completed it, just to get even. ha.

The Brown footed booby cleaning him/herself. 
I was able to see the bird flying along with me this week; the bird over the ocean and the car on the highway. 

Half Moon

Rainbow. Yay.

Cattle Egret flying overhead.

I found these cacti interesting, with buds on the "leaves".

The rain, shown here out at sea, eventually found us. But not until after I brought the clothes on the line inside. (Thank you, Jesus.)

God's rays

This is the flower which the Boxer hasn't yet discovered. (She ate the 1st one.)

Pretty orchids
We had Waimea Plantation days this weekend. This enterprising young mom had the added work of taking her baby along in the stroller. More power to ya, Mom!
More cactus buds in the middle of the leaves. This seems so odd to me.

See the little bird on the near flowers? The one in the middle. It is a Japanese White Eye.
Hope you had a great week. Enjoy all that's around you. And thanks for reading.

Sunday, February 19, 2023

I spoke too soon!

The rain had stopped, but has started again. We need the rain in Kekaha. Maui would have a different answer, as they are undergoing flooding. 

God's rays: pink!

C'mon! there must be another treat!!

Her muzzle apparently picks up the pink of my safety vest. Did I forget to tell you I am oh so stylish on my walks? NOT!!

This is the Moon, which for some reason looks like a space ship. You never know what you're gonna get when stargazing. (But I do know I have never gotten a box of chocolates while outside in the dark. Darn it.)

It might have been the International Space Station next to the Moon. Very exciting.

You might be pleased to know that since I am currently battling vertigo, I have taken shorter walks and taken fewer pix. Just sayin'.

My cactus garden is going strong. However, a few of the heavy clay pots have blown over in our big winds, blowing recently. 

And unpaid ad: the ginger Dramamine does help with the vertigo. And I feel less drugged. But the vertigo sure does bother me when I put on my new sheets!! Felt as if I were falling off the bed. Please God, take vertigo from me. I should add that my hubby is currently battling a cold. Please God, please heal my husband, too. So just to be really cautious, I am staying away from the boxer owner and the boxer. I miss them. However, the 4 horses on the way to the Post Office are thankful for the carrots!

And have a great week. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, February 12, 2023

New Bones



I bought the bigger bones in a box for her. She loves them!

Looking my way to see if there are more treats coming. She can be a fair weather dog: once the treats are gone, she goes to peruse the yard or lie down with her left leg folded under her. On alert for chickens or cats.

65 pounds of doggy enthusiasm

Well, unless she's tired from all the treats.

Nearby Micky Mouse cactus

There was a ring around the moon. and a streetlight over the house that rivaled the Moon's light.

The 2 bright pinpricks are Venus and Jupiter, I think. 

Dolphins frolicking offshore.

Will there be treats again any time soon? No, I am seriously asking!

She really is a 4 legged dog, but tucks her left leg up under herself, while on guard duty.

Her favorite ball. 
Oh the slobber!

Smiling ball

The Brown Booby

God's rays coming from the ocean

Double rainbow

I can get obsessed sometimes.

I enjoy the wrinkles on her forehead.