Sunday, September 19, 2021

Awaiting my walk and breakfast!

It is Sunday again and time to throw my pix against the wall to see what sticks.

This week was a roller coaster: I had my 2 biopsies and both were benign. I am so thankful to God and to the skillful doctors and techs. Even as I believe in God, I still find myself with some worries. We are told not to worry, that we are worth more than many sparrows! I do know God is reaching out to take care of me. And I am thankful. He does answer prayer!

And he provides wonderful flowers and dogs and clouds while I am walking. I smile to imagine that God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit are up there, painting the clouds on the sky each day. (Big bang. PAH!)

I do enjoy looking at the night sky. We have had some odd summer weather this year. Often there are too many clouds to get a good peek at the stars. But I do know they are there. And as I recently had a few books on Astronomy, I am learning even more about all that is above us. Quite beautiful. I was even able to spot the space station. There's a website, spotthestation, that tells you when/where you can look outside to see the space station. Sometimes there are clouds and sometimes I'm just too warm in my bed to get myself out there, but I'm thankful for the opportunity.

Well, enough chattiness, on to the pix!

It amazes me how many different types of plants there are and how a lot of them have a different method of dispersing their seeds. No dating required!!

Pretty clouds. And the sea keeps beckoning me.
The dozen pineapples have now dwindled to 4. Still cute, though.

Some of the neighborhood pooches.

It was a nice surprise to see the fuchsia flowers are blooming again!
This little guy looked at me and didn't even bark. Good dog!
These are the flowers that the lawn mowing guy at the park keeps trying to cut. They apparently are very hardy: Lantana.
My rose and sunflower garden pal really knows how to showcase the lovely roses.
I am excited about Bitter Melon fruit. Never ate one, but their color phases are amazing.

These might have been snapdragons, but I couldn't get close enough to really tell.
And the Kolea (Golden Plover) are back. I love how they tippy-toe and then stop. And then repeat.

How did that Plumeria sneak in amongst the roses?!

I do believe.

I truly felt blessed when I got that benign result! If my dad were alive, he would say: A-8? No B-9! Ha.
I thought of the rose garden folks when I saw this little guy. The lady at the rose garden house has a bunch of very cute ceramic figures. Lightens my day!
Still fascinated by the toxic Mother of Thousands. I will enjoy them in other people's yards.
Water lilies

Pretty clouds with birds flying by. These are the birds that I can't get close enough to identify. Frustrating, yeah.
Hole in the sky. It's funny that once you start looking for something, you see it everywhere. Like a type of car once you bought one. There is now a Tesla in our family and I'm starting to see them all over the place!
Overgrown plants near the hydrant.

Bitter melon, green variety. Since it's bigger than the orange ones, I assume that means it's almost ripe enough to pick. And no, I don't pick in other people's gardens. Sometimes I wish I could, though.

This might be a variation on the Mother of Thousands. Note the seeds on the edges of the leaves.
A very nice poodle. She was quite friendly. Owner says very smart too.
I was erroneously thinking Border Collie. Owner sez Tibetan Terrier! Also quite friendly, but with all that hair, I didn't attempt a pat.

So quite oh so very thankful for a great diagnosis. I am heaving sighs of relief. 

Thanks for viewing and have a fab week! Praise Him!

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Fleurs and Nuages and oiseaux


They're back! The wonderful Golden Plover, aka Kolea, have returned! Still haven't figured out that being in the street is a bad idea...
Rain at sea and the rainbow.

Saw Polly the Corgi. Once again, she let me pet her and get rid of much of her hair!

Birds of Paradise and the lizard

The rainbow today was way too big to get on my camera. I had to take the pix in thirds.

Black cat for my pal on Kauai.

Lilikoi for pals also on Kauai.

Hard to see, but the middle of this flower was a puddle.

Double rainbow!

Hole in the sky

Ollie came over and pawed me just enough to cover my hand in red dirt! Guess he'd been digging again.


God's rays

Showing off lizard. 

Rhodesian Ridgeback!!
The cactus are growing where the big plant once was...
Star fruit

Lucy has recovered from her acl surgery. She carries the frisbee so she is always ready!

Bunny. And see if you can spot the lizard!

Have a great week. I am awaiting biopsy results. I'll let you know!