Sunday, February 28, 2021

Rain didn't stop me!

 I should have taken a photo of my new raincoat, but don't want to hurt your eyes! It is brilliant yellow. I'm just protecting myself against drivers whose true eyes are on their phones while driving. Having been almost hit a couple of times, I am super conscious of drivers and make a big attempt to be careful and meet their eyes. I also carry a flashlight and shine it in the direction of oncoming traffic, so there's no excuse. I am not ready to be a blood blot on the pavement!

It has been rainy and windy all week. Not that I am complaining! Since I have family in Wisconsin and friends in Texas who are suffering from extreme temps, I am glad we have what we have here. We do run for our blankets when it dips below 70. I keep the pertinent cities listed on my phone, just in case I forget to be grateful. 28 degrees is NOT my friend. (Especially since I hope to get in the water again, once my dental and weather issues calm down.)

Here's what I've seen lately:

I do wish I could get closer to these flowers, but the little pond is in the middle of the yard, so this is as close as I get.
Same with the roses: I labeled this one "tired" in my photo name, but it is still lovely.
Some people have truly prolific gardens and amazing skills. I am not one of them, but look for the orchid photo later: one of my pots has bloomed again.

I really enjoy the little pineapples. These (there are 10!) are behind the fence. I do hope no one snags them before their ripe time.

I always think of weddings when I see these. The one below reminds me of a hat.

This very friendly dog is a Goldendoodle. Very nice dog. She started barking when I wouldn't pet her. Sorry, Coco, I am allergic. The owner said some Goldendoodles are hypo-allergenic, but for some reason, she isn't. Too bad. I was dying to pat that nice fur.

I cannot imagine being creative enough to make these clouds come to life!

God's rays
The fountain is outside the hospital. Just one of the haunts on my walk, as they have a clean bathroom. Words to the wise, though: on Sunday, only the ER bathroom is accessible!
Can you believe the colors?

More of God's rays.
This nice purple bloom is in the garden of one of the neighbors. She's the one whose husband puts a little clay hummingbird on their mailbox house.

Saffron Finch and Kolea.
This guy is starting his breeding coloration.

I do wonder about the size of clouds. I do know they are immense.

And colorful

I laughed at this Golden Retriever, who had a different kind of fence keeping him/her in.

Here's the orchid from my lanai. What an intricate pattern.

More wedding-like bouquets.

There is a person who paints the little rocks and leaves them out for others to appreciate.

I cannot believe that this papaya tree is accessible by the sidewalk. I hope no ones steals 'em!

The white ones above have tinges of pink at the edges. A fab design.

Plumeria starting out

Surprise rainbows

The drops of water always surprise me: they seem poised on the brink, and yet don't drop off.

Kolea with the Saffron Finch just taking off as I snapped the photo.

Another week of wonder. Feel free to comment with photos of your own. And have a great week. Stay warm and dry. Thanks for reading!