Sunday, September 17, 2023

I am gob-smacked! over 700 meteor sightings!

 Yes, I can't prove it since the meteors and stars are too light for my camera to catch 'em, but I have spotted over 700 meteors. And still counting.

I was erroneously thinking once Perseid Meteor Shower was over, that the count would drastically decline. I'm not sure if I'm seeing meteors left over from Perseid or if we're getting into early Taurid, but I have had quite a few sightings on my lawn chair out back.

I scribble what I see in my composition notebook, lighted by the annoying streetlight behind me. Eventually I go in for coffee, since I start at 1:30 a.m. and go until 4 or 5:30. Unless clouds intercept me, there are lots of things to see, since I am also learning some constellations. What an amazing creation.

Early morning sunrise clouds

God's rays going down instead of up.
I guess the horse was expecting treats, but I was fresh out of carrots.
She is checking the ground for lost parts of her biscuit.

Good thing she is not my dog. I couldn't discipline those sad eyes. She is really just hoping for another biscuit.
One of the succulents in my garden sprouted these pretty flowers.

Looks like gas bursting from a cloud. 

Some folks have the gift of gardening.

More of God's rays
Cloud over Niihau.

I totally tried to describe this horse's coat to a friend at the library who is a horsewoman...and blew it. I remembered the stars as being larger...I guess I won't be called to be a witness anytime soon.

Two coots on the Waimea river.

Hibiscus in jail.

I don't know what this gunk was. You're welcome.

I feel badly for horses that don't have a job.

I love these big white flowers.

Someone put Hello Kitty on a grave. HK is very big over here.
I know someone named Corbin. Not sure how he spells it.
More lovely roses.
Please pray for those folks on Maui. They are suffering the effects of the recent fire. Thanks.

Monday, September 4, 2023

Still seeing some meteors! God is good!

 I am very happy to report I continue to see some meteors. Not the 62 in one early morning that I had not too long again, but seeing any meteors works for me. 

Moon, I think and perhaps another planet...I store these for a week. Forgive my forgetting!

Moon and cloud

Nene flying over head.

They make a funny squawking noise as they fly.

Heron looking for breakfast.
God's rays at night.
Venus in the morning.

I put a little thank you note on the gardener's fence: Very pretty roses!

God's rays early morning.
Is there another treat coming soon?! Don't you love those sad eyes?

Waimea River
God's rays

Moon, clouds, tree

Bird sanctuary

I can't see them well enough to know what they are. But definitely shorebirds.


The new pedal-assisted bike! He loves it.

Heron awaiting a fish breakfast.

God's rays muted.

God's rays without power lines.

Cans to be recycled.

They were working on a concrete driveway, so she was more confined.
Nice week. Still seeing meteors. Thanks, God! Keep on sending them my way.