Sunday, July 31, 2022

Kauai anew is anew again!

We are finally back on Kauai!

And green it is. So beautiful.

And I have now found my little device that lets me download photos, so I can share the final pix from Oahu. Oh and by the way, we found the little device just AFTER we ordered another one. Isn't that always the way?

The most fun story from Oahu is about the little chalk artist. 

As I started my walk, I saw the chalk drawings. I asked the little girl if she could draw an octopus. She looked up at her Dad; he said she could! (I love that she consulted him.)

You can see the octopus on the sidewalk above.

So in thanks, I brought out my little musical octopus. You squeeze the legs and a note sounds out. I learned Mary Had a Little Lamb. So I put the octopus on the ground, on top of a thank you note. 

And this is what I spotted when I later returned. Her own thank you, next to the chalk octopus. So adorable. I wonder if she wonders where I went! We were moving the next day. I like to think she will become a great artist. Perhaps in something other than chalk.

Two cute pups. I loved the black ears on the one; the other guy had black spots underneath his hair. Part Dalmatian?

Palm trees and clouds

A closeup of the musical octopus.
The Moon

The sea. I do hope to get back in the water.....

These little roses are so pretty. The old and the new.

Somebody puts little plastic figures in the wall.

The corner of Kaonohi and Onikiniki (Oink Oink)

I caught this rose bud before the lady cut it to display in her house.
The open and closed flowers

This big tree and one Magnolia bloom. I can only hope that more came along afterwards.
Ah, roses!

So much hair! Doesn't slow him down any, even in Hawaiian heat .

More palm trees and clouds.
Puppy love

There are the underneath spots I mentioned earlier.

I have been told that Saffron Finches exist on Kauai. I'm waiting to see my first one. But are there White Rumped Shama?

He waits patiently while the owner and I discuss world events.

I am not the only octo-lover...

Kauai has chickens...and chickens...and, well you know...
I plan to visit this Hawaiian cemetery more closely soon. 

We are about 5 minutes from the ocean. Note the sand in the water. That's why I won't be snorkeling here.

And in the background, through the mist, Niihau!
And of course, palm trees.
I don't know what kind of tree this is, but I thought it looked very interesting.

I think it's Ah K K K

So from Oahu to Kauai. It really is Kauai anew!