Friday, January 25, 2019

Only humans obsess about this...

This morning, as I walked to the water, I noted a male Jungle Fowl having his way with a female Jungle Fowl. (The visitors call them chickens, but they aren't.)

Anyway, it was a very quick process, sorry, girl! And after he was done, she was totally pecking around for food...didn't seem to impact her too much. And I thought: Only humans obsess about the procreative act! We expect smiles, hugs, flowers, etc. haha.

Anyway, enough about birds. Let's get to the important stuff: octopuses!!!  YAY. There were 3 of the little darlings today; one adult and two smaller ones.

 He'e 2 (on the deep side)

 He'e 3
 And the Bluefin Trevally that was circling.
 And #3. I loved this little guy, because he let me totally take his picture.

I tried to take a movie, but that is one sure way to get the animal to stay totally still! lol
And now I just realized that I put all the pix from today into yesterday's folder. grrrr. Forgive me, please, if any pix are repeats!
 Doesn't the Abudefduf seem to be looking up? 
 And the clouds helped me take a moon photo.
 You might find it hard to see the moray, but it's hiding in the hole in the rock on the upper right hand side of the photo. I think it was a Zebra moray.
 Needle fish army
 Pinktail Durgon
 Good coral
The little guy with rainbow colors 

 Sad coral, part 2. There is hope, however!  That pink is healthy.
 Mr. seal snoozing on the beach. There was only one today..rather unusual. Though called Monk Seals, they usually pal around with others.
 Definitely a today find: the Spanish Dancer nudibranch. The "naked lungs" are on the right hand side of the photo. They have two antenna-like things on the other end.
 A heavily laden urchin, with protective bits.
And let me please take a brief moment on being nice when visiting Kauai:
A friend recently spoke with some visitors about being too close to a turtle (the legal limit is 25 feet). The man went off on her, with bad language and attitude about "that he didn't like being told what to do...I spent a lot of money to come here!!!" 

Needless to say, this is not the aloha spirit that we hope for. My friend said she'd never been talked to like that. And she didn't appreciate it at all. Nor did I, when I heard about it! I expressed my dismay and added that I wished I had been present, as I would have called the police! My point is this: please tell your friends when they visit that we who are fortunate enough to live on the beautiful Garden Isle like to protect the natural beauty and animals. Turtles and seals are also Federally protected and endangered and one can get a big fine for harassing the animals. We do try to be nice to our visitors, but when they are getting in the way of the animals, things change. And you, Mr. Visitor, should be ashamed of yourself! 

Thanks for your understanding. Aloha!

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