Sunday, June 25, 2023

MD 20 20 and Jaws


I am often lucky enough to find a plastic bag in which to carry cans found along the highway. Better not to find either, though!

Early morning sun and clouds
Find the heron. Waiting for a fish. I have been fortunate to see some Tropicbirds lately. 

Cloud rainbow, barely there.

Years ago, my friends and I foolishly went to see Jaws in the theater, after having drunk the original MD 2020. Not a great plan!

I didn't know these flowers are from a cactus.

Morning pink clouds, with rainbow.

It took me a minute to catch the slogan. It will come to you.

God's rays

Moon and I think Venus.
The truly least bright is the streetlight, even though it looks brightest.

Niihau and Lehua

We have discovered that if you put out beer in small plates, the snails drink it and drown. Not pretty, but seemed better than salting them.

Almost looks like a flying saucer and Moon and planet.

I would have one of these plants, but I know the flowers attract bees and my sweetheart is allergic.

See the green chameleon? 

Staying near the treat bag, just in case.

She loves to chase bugs and lizards.

These are one of the really lovely Plumeria. Not as much scent as the yellow though.

Orchids in jail.

I wish we had mangoes!

Almost looks like a wrinkled alien.

I hope she doesn't have knee issues later.

I thought she was sleeping, but she opened her eyes just in time. Resting on my shoe.

The mangoes grow profusely in other people's yards, just to torture me.

Just one chair set out to watch the ocean.

It is rough to walk along and see lovely flowers, but someone has to do it.

Orange Bitter Melon fruit

Huge papaya. Not sure if they taste the same when so big.

The puzzle that got away...too big (2000 pieces) for my table.

Loose possible wild dog.

We try to capture wild dogs, as they can stalk the native birds.
It is already summer hot. 81. whew. And have a great week.