Sunday, January 31, 2021

Nice rainbows and new raincoat

 It's been a rainy week....but without rain, you don't get rainbows!

I am growing ever more enamored of succulents and cacti. There are so many types.
Roses are still my favorites.

An industrious bee. It doesn't care that this is considered a weed.

Tiny orchid. As often happens, it was inside the yard, so I was only able to catch the shot from the sidewalk.

My new raincoat! I'm laughing because it is, in fact, high visibility!
One of the many rainbow pix

No, I do not pick and eat them! I have no clue which mushrooms might be ok to eat. And since the hubster doesn't like mushrooms, I'm not missing much....

The morning light from outside our door.

This Kolea (Golden Plover) didn't want to get out of the street!

God's rays

My first time seeing a Mother Saffron Finch feeding her young one! Pesky baby, too: it followed her begging for more.
This dog wasn't a fan of me walking by.
Nor was this Doberman. I'm not accustomed to this coloration. The bark is also quite intimidating..

The Corgi put his 2 cents in too. They are quite energetic for a little dog!

This is how the Crown flower leaves got eaten. I saw 2 butterflies and 7 caterpillars.

Eggplant on the vine.
Everybody was upset...even the Shiba Inu.

The 2 chix were quiet, though.