Sunday, July 3, 2022

Oahu anew will become Kauaianew again

 Yes, kids, we are moving back to Kauai!

My sweetheart got a nice archaeology job on Kauai, so this house is packing up for the move. It has been quite a while since we saw the lovely Garden Island, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it has changed.

I once said that I could never leave Kauai (when we make plans, God laughs). Now I realize how much I will miss some of the wonderful things about Oahu. But I won't miss the traffic!

Can you believe that they showed a photo of a lovely Plumeria flower on Jeopardy and NONE of the contestants knew what it was?! I am glad that I am able to see those wonderful Plumeria flowers on a daily basis. And I am hearing rain outside my window right now; I'll be able to wear my amazing yellow raincoat.

So let's reveal the pups and flowers and clouds I have seen lately:

This sunrise with God's rays might be a repeat, but I love it so much! There are good reasons for arising early.

Shiba Inu Tiny. I wonder if these dogs are as prevalent on the mainland.

Annato flowers

This little rescue dog is Buster. He posed so well for me. I noted the little spots under his coat; the owner said he thinks the dog is part Dalmatian.

We have had wonderful clouds recently. That's one reason I haven't see that 5 planet alignment.

Ripe Lilikoi
The valley at the top of my hard climb Akaaka street.
I need to find those green geckos. For now, this guy is enough. 

Don't these clouds look like a painting? 

The fuchsia flowers are taking a break; there was just one. And sadly, I discovered that it's hard to mail plants, so my friends are getting my cactuses....and herbs. (My eyes are leaking a little bit.)
Hole in the sky
This cactus was over 5 feet tall.

Another pup that falls into the "So stinkin' cute!" category.

The dog that licks my hand. I can't really get to him to pet him, but he eagerly comes to the fence anyway.
Succulents seem to make these tall shoots. I'm still thinking about the why of that. If you have a theory or even a fact about why, please let me know.
I hope to find some of these when we get to Kauai.
Holes in the sky

You know I love pink. Had to include the traffic signals. Otherwise, I would miss the bottom pink. Perhaps I will learn how to do Photoshop in our new place.
Palm trees for you know who.

Truly, I couldn't think up these lovely cloud designs. It definitely takes a higher power.

I enjoyed seeing the seeds on this one (hanging on the left).
God willing, I will get in that ocean again before long.

I will miss the bunny. Perhaps before we go, I'll be able to catch a video of him twinkling his nose. So cute.

Thanks for reading. I may have a brief hiatus from photos while we move. Enjoy July 4.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Poopsie vs. Pupsie

The cute little Coton de Tulear pup is named, of course!, Pupsie. I made the mistake of calling him Poopsie and the owner quickly corrected me. But of course she did. I would have.

Can't you almost hear him asking why I would call him Poopsie? These dogs have the absolute softest hair. And it doesn't make me sneeze.

This was Pupsie's friend, Loofie. What a head of hair and tail, eh?

Sunrise was very pretty, with orange God's rays.

It's easy to get carried away with all this great color and light.

Half a moon

An older Sheltie
Guarding the wall. He waits for passers-by and then barks.
On a food truck. Amen!
One of the Doodles. This one, as with the other one that I see, tends to jump up in enthusiastic greetings.

A very laid-back Husky. I was glad to see her, as she had been off the wall for a few weeks. 
Lilikoi still growing fruit. 
Roses in all their glory.

These flowers were pretty and without an I.D. tag. 
The Magnolia is starting to bloom again.
Cactus with pretty red flowers on the top of the barrel.

Olomana! I saw these, not knowing what they were, then saw some on my local grocery store. So for once, I was able to note their name.
Hole in the sky. With morning light.
Tiny is a very chill Shiba Inu.

These spears are what begins the white flowers on this plant.

Palm trees against nice clouds

Moon is hiding behind the cloud. 

This cactus is so prolific. 
I love seeing Cocker Spaniels. Don't see very many. This one, after a few little barks, decided I was ok. She actually sat down on my foot while I was patting her. I guess trying to keep me in the area. So cute!

Plumeria. I couldn't believe recently that none of the contestants on Jeopardy knew what this plant was.

Yard art

Helicopter weed. At least that's what I call them.
Saffron Finch actually stayed long enough for a photo.

A very cute Pug. 

This Pomeranian gave me what for with a cute bark. Then presented his derriere...The owners had made this cute box for him, so he could get up to sidewalk level to check what was going on.

Can you see the bit of pink in the middle of all that orange?

Ollie was more interested in the dog below than me. 


Bougainvillea. There was a great mass of pink.

A nice week of flowers and pups. I will enjoy it when the trade winds return, however. We are definitely into summer. Have a great week.