Sunday, May 29, 2022

This just in: Oink Oink

 Got a little behind this weekend, so writing later in the day. will probably mean less blab and more photos, so it's all good! I found out that a person who lives on my favorite street name (Onikiniki) calls it Oinkoink. haha.

The yapper had a pal on this day. Amazing how loud little bodies can be.
Unlike these two charmers, who can always be counted upon for a pat. 
This may look like a good relaxing pose, but the dog is standing on her back legs to get up on this wall. 

I have almost given up on my plant app...i was told this week when trying to i.d. a plant, that it wasn't a plant! HA! I may not know the name, but I do recognize a plant when I see one. The nerve!

Oh those eyes! This is a black Lab. A total sweetheart, who is also a champion, I'm told.
Ollie looked for another dog coming down the street.

The Magnolia looks about to bloom again. Awesome.

God's rays

This is the bloom of the plant that I was informed wasn't a plant. Grrr...I'm not bitter or anything. HA.
Palms for my sweetie.

One of the few lizards I was able to catch with my camera this week. 

This chicken not only didn't cross the street, but stopped in the middle. Bird brain.

I do think some dogs appear to be smiling. This one certainly was.

Have a great Memorial Day. Stay safe and thank any service members you see.
Ollie wondered why I wasn't throwing his plastic bone. I would have, but it is inside his yard, where I wasn't.
Pale rainbows

Big kind doodle!
Someone didn't think this stringing up the letters through very thoroughly. 
Cute, huh? I thought Tip Tows was a cute tow truck name.
I am currently trying to discourage mosquitoes in the house. I'm told Lavender will help. We'll see. And thanks for reading.