Sunday, January 29, 2023

Fleurs and clouds

Moon and I think Venus. I have seen 169 meteors since I started counting about 2 months ago. I am blessed.
Nice rose.

Crown flower buds
Nice cactus
I think it's fascinating that the buds come from inside the paddle.

I love clouds.

Thanks for reading! 

Dogs and sad bird outcomes

 Nice dogs: German Shorthair Pointer (black and white type) and Boxer (brindle coat.)  Wonderful dogs!

The sweet Boxer loves the ball I gave her.

Watching for chickens and cats.

This type of dog was the kind we had when I was a kid. But ours was not black and white, but brown and white. Nice, athletic dogs.

She watches as I walk away.

And if you don't want to see the Nene, look away now. The poor things were hit by cars. 
The birds are investigated, so we can determine what caused their demise. Thankfully, it was not the powerlines. But vehicles that got them. So sad: the 2nd bird probably stayed behind to mourn its mate, but was struck also.
When you drive, please drive aware of possible Nene crossings! and moderate your speed. They usually won't move for you. 

Monday, January 23, 2023

More pix from Kauai

 Now that my computer is intact again, I'll be able to show the wonders of Kauai landscape!

Sometimes the clouds and light are really amazing.

I brought her this ball...I'm told it is her fave. I think she has a lot of faves...

Rain offshore, over the ocean.

Sunrise pink peeking through the clouds.

If only I could disappear those light poles.

More pix later. My walk is calling.

Sunday, January 22, 2023

The great thing about rain

 The great thing about rain is that it keeps the Boxer indoors, so easier to pet and play fetch!

I bought her a toy. Pink because she's a girl. ha.
This little dog appears to be roaming without adult supervision. Quiet dog and not threatening at all. He followed along behind me until I turned around. Then it was: "Me? Oh I'm not following. Just hanging out here..."

She loved the new toy; it also squeaks, which I had been told is what makes the toy great. She kept gripping it until it made the noise.
Then looked to me like "Am I great or what?!"
Fetch in progress. She actually brought it to me and let go...more or less.

Hiding it to see if I noticed.
Still got it by the ear.

Finally able to see the toy. I wonder how long those ears will last?

Hard at work.

I think her brindle coat is so pretty.
She brought it to me for re-throwing.

This is one way to have a dog and not have to pay for food, etc.

The excitement of the weekend was this bird, which I think is a Brown Booby.
It just sat there....until we got involved. More later.

We grew concerned since it stayed there on this rock for a few days.

Look at the big claws on the end of the feet!

After consulting with experts, I decided it might be hungry. We had one piece of Ono, so after thawing, we went to try to feed it. My husband's baseball skills were better than mine: but it landed on the bird's foot. We think it ate the pieces...when we returned later, the bird was gone and so was the fish. Success! I think.

Part of my cactus/succulent collection.

Blooms on the Mother of Thousands plant.

My favorite clouds, with pink.

This cat proved it didn't have any the middle of the road, it had no interest in moving.

Still resting.

Sunrise and palm trees. 

The house I might buy...if only I had $4 million. And if it weren't in the tsunami zone. Yes, these are things we take into account in Hawaii.

I do have a plan to look these plants up in my library, really, I will! Who knew retirement could be so busy!

Discipline goes right out of the window, under the power of these puppy eyes!

She hasn't caught on to how not to get the leash wound around the pole.
There will be more, but now, I need to get on my walk. I apologize for any typos now; I will check spelling upon my return. Gotta get ahead of the rain.