Sunday, January 13, 2019

Hug your loved ones!

We had a bit of a medical scare today, so please hug your loved ones!
And because it's later in the day, i'll just post some pics...4 octopus and a scorpion fish.
 God's rays were orange today!
 one of the 4 octopuses
 Snowflake moray
 Pretty shell. I think of them as basket shells, but not sure that's their real name.
 Nice small scorpion fish. Well, depending on your definition of nice..
 God's rays and 2 seals in the water.
This guy showed up at my right elbow! So I snapped a quick one and got outa there.
I thought the crab claw was a nice touch above the den of the octopus.
 This one shows the aqua siphon

 Good hiding. The only thing that caught my attention was the rocks outside the den.
Male trunk fish. Feel better sweetie!

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