Tuesday, January 29, 2019

brrrr and 4 octopuses

It seems really stupid to say brrrr when the temps are probably 68! BUT, I had been in the water over 2 hours and the wind was blowing me into a mass of chicken skin (goosebumps) in Poipu. It's especially awful to bring up the cold, as my niece lives in Chicago which is reportedly colder than Siberia!

Of course, my friend loved it, as she didn't have to turn on her fans. But I put on a hoodie and drank hot coffee to warm up. (Thankfully, I brought the latter with me, as the beach shop costs $2.50 for not-so-good decaf.)
 Pretty shell. I'm busting a new move today, by NOT starting with octopuses. But it's a challenge. After all, they are one of God's supremely creative animals! 
 Look for the little yellow fish with the Brighteyes, hence the name Brighteye Chromis.
 A group! needle fish, indo-pacific chromis and there may be an abudefduf.
 Dragon Moray. Something about this eel makes it hard to capture with my camera.
 But the first octopus wasn't....here it is peeking  at me. This one had returned to a den I've been seeing empty lately, so that was great.

 Another eel
 God's rays and palm trees and clouds. Your basic paradise.
 Hawaiian Hogfish. Like the Christmas wrasse, they tend to scoot away when a camera comes out. Or maybe they think I'm a seal...

 He'e 2. in the deeper side.
 He'e 3. Little guy. If you want to see the hunting video, go to youtube and ask for octopigirl7 from today.

 He'e 4. This one I have seen previously...it is smart enough to stay in its den and not venture out when I'm around...see the white siphon.
 Honu asleep on the beach.
 A Humu hiding. I must look really intimidating.
 And the Lizard fish for Alex. Luckily, this one stayed still and didn't bury itself in the sand.

Another eel. Smiling.
 Seal deciding if it was coming in. And a ship in the distance.
 Nice little sparrow.
 Spotfin Scorpion Fishes.

 Above, the Squirrel fish. I rarely see these, as they hang out under cliffs and overhangs.
 Two urchins. I can see that having stuff on your back would deter predators. Who wants a mouth full of rock or shells?
So that's the story for today. I'm warmed up now, so going to investigate my new Bible. Have a great day.

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