Sunday, November 26, 2017

Day 4 didn't disappoint!

Day 4 of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend didn't disappoint. Again, 5 octopuses. All good.
 As you may know, I love Rock Mover Wrasses.  Not just because they have a Clown face, but also because they often are found near octopuses, which are my first love. These two didn't show me an octopus, but they were cool anyway, darting and bending all around.
 These seals were resting on the island...and of course, people had to walk out there, even though the rip current was in full strength. Yes, your girl had a hard time with forward motion at some points. But I wasn't swept back over into the deep side, so I consider that a win. However, I did walk down to the easy entry of the Kiddie Pond, just to make it easier on my legs.

Abudefduf. I don't care how many times I say that, still love the name..

Flea Bite cone. At first I thought it was a piece of shell, but after some prodding, it revealed itself as an entire cone, so I left it alone.
 This White Mouth Moray Eel flew by me, but not too fast for the Surge Wrasse accompanying it.

See the Flounder? The amazing thing is that beige rock is actually sitting on the flounder...more camouflage. You might see it more easily below....
 A school of Goat Fish.
 Hawaiian Hog Fish. This was a big adult.

And Octopus #1. I should stop telling you where it was, in case any of you are hunters...No eat octopus!!
 A much smaller version of the Rock Mover Wrasse. This one was a juvenile that flowed with the water, looking like seaweed.
 And the bigger version, showing its clown face.
 The seal was snuffling its nose. Apparently, something was bothering its respiratory channels.

But didn't interfere with its nap resuming. Nor did the snuffling disturb the chicken, which didn't care about the boundary tape, marking off the safe distance from the seal.
 I wasn't as close to this eel as it appeared. I at first thought this was a snowflake moray, but seeing this, I'm not as sure. Normally snowflakes have yellow nostrils...
 Somebody had a lobster lunch or breakfast.  not me. not my sweetheart.

This is octopus number one being looked at by a Moorish Idol. Look directly left on top of the coral to see the octopus. I'm not sure that the Moorish Idol saw it. I have no info on what their eyesight is like. But look at the fish's "eyelashes"....kinda cool.
 The octopus didn't seem to care that the fish was so close.

Another octopus of the 5 I saw.
 This one was one near the edge and the sign that says Don't swim past here...find the red rock. Then look in the hole, up and to the left. Oh yeah..
 The octopus in this one is just below that yellowish-greenish rock. At first I thought it was a sea cucumber, but it moved and instantly changed color when I dove down, so I know what it can't fool me that easily!

This one is harder to see.  Inside that hole. The rocks are a dead giveaway:
 Those 2 seals on the island again. Every time I see a scene like this, I think about what it must have been like before all of us people got to Hawaii..

Male Trunk Fish for my sweetie.
 And a female.

and the male again:
 and the female. You'd almost think I'm obsessed with fish butts...but the first thing they do when they see a diver is turn around and swim away.
 These are the pretty wrasses that I'm just now starting to pay attention to. Note the pretty purple on the tail and the spot near the tail.

Still haven't figured out what kind of wrasse it is...apparently my book doesn't include ALL wrasses!
A very nice day at the beach. Thanks for perusing! And thanks to God. For His provision and safety.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

nice day - 5 octopuses

 Two cowries, hiding inside holes in the rock.
 Abudefduf and Christmas Wrasse. Two fer one!

Two Rock Mover Wrasses, one probably older (because larger) than the other. Not sure why diff colors.

Two seals. And just when I've got a theme going...

3 Humu!

 Cloud rainbow.
 God's Glory


Hebrew Cone
 When I first looked at this photo at home, couldn't figure out what it was! It was taken looking up into the air..lines of clouds, then lines of storm clouds..
 An octopus..this one was hiding really well and this is the best photo I could get!

My first octopus of the day, hiding on top of a coral head. That's it with the white and brown going on. And if you say, there's lots of white and brown, that's probably the point of the animal hiding there.
 Yes, this was octopus 2. Hiding even better.
 Octopus 4. Down in a hold at the bottom of a coral head.

Peeking at me:

Pencil Urchin.   
 Pinktail durgon

Cloud rainbow at sea.
 I have seen these wrasses zillions of times, but until today, never noticed the pretty lavender on the tail.

Five octopuses is a good day. I am glad for the nice swim.