Saturday, March 26, 2022

Take a look!


Cactus flower!

Ever so cute little bunny...
Red rose with tiny water droplets
Lots of pineapples growing this time of year.
Eucalyptus at the top of Akaaka Street

Tomatoes on the way to being red; below Lilikoi, small kind.

Mother of Thousands flower
Moon and Venus. 

This time, other lights were picked up. Some are streetlights, and Venus and the Moon.
Accidental alignment: our building lights and the Moon.

Plumeria: my favorite coloration.
Trying to escape his boring guard duty! He gets near the fence so often, there's a dug out area near it.
Hole in the sky. We do get pretty clouds in Hawaii.
Succulent with water droplets

Pink roses. The little kind.

The difference is flash or not.

The black thing is a butterfly cocoon.

Great scenery. Created by God!! Have a great week.