Monday, January 21, 2019

Nice swim with no centerpiece

After over a week off swimming due to bronchitis, I finally decided that it was time to get wet again.

The octopus had left town, having decided apparently that I was no longer interested.  Nay, nay, mes amis! But they stayed hidden anyway.

I won't lie and say I wasn't disappointed, but I did see some shells and two Scorpion Fish, so the swim was good, even without my octo-pals.
 Nice male trunk fish, showing colors and his butt.
 Christmas Wrasse, not to be out-done, also showing nice colors.

 The light helps.

Cowry shell, hiding.
 Somebody had crab for breakfast...

Female trunk fish
 Another cowry hiding.
 Everybody was hiding! Even the humu...this one had just darted into the hole.

And then backed back out.
 I think these look like a Mohawk haircut. Orange-spined unicorn juvenile.
 Moorish Idol

Needle fish and a little indo-pacific chromis
 Scorpion fish #1

 Snowflake Moray

 Aww so adorable..
 Urchin with its rocks and shells as protection
 Urchin digging into the red and purple rock

Someone had taken a few bits of this yellow tail coris. Didn't seem any the worse for the wear.
Scorpion fish #2. You can just see the green body and the fin at the end. Well, maybe!
So, boo to bronchitis. But yay to God and nice-ish water! C'mon octopuses! I'm back!

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