Monday, September 2, 2019

Happy Labor Day

VERY nice swim today! Spotted 5 octopuses, including one that was very canny. I saw it, and it slid down into its crack in the ocean floor and never came out again. Life affirming decision. I would never eat an octopus, but others are not so kind.
 Octopus #1 above was in the deep side. Since I've had bronchitis (or whatever it is), I have been reticent about going into the deep side. But today I felt well enough to venture into the more difficult swim. But since it was deeper water, I couldn't get very close to #1. It is probably thankful.

But #2 was in the shallower side, so I got lots of pix.

You can see the siphon and eyes in this one. Also tentacles and suckers.
 The octopus probably threw the rocks around, to make space in the den. That's what they do!

Octopus #3 was a surprise.
 I spotted it because I was going slowly and noted the rocks on the ocean floor from the other side. I thought: "Is that an octopus?" And it was!
 It stayed pretty well hidden, and has placed the rocks outside its den, I think for protection.
 If you scoot over quickly, you'd probably see only the rocks, because of the overhang.
He'e 4 was back at its den in the Keiki Pond. I didn't see it on my last swim, so it's nice that it was back home.
 Because water clarity isn't great on this side, it's hard to see it. But it's just to the left of the gray sand.
 This is octopus #5. Very smart! The gap in the bottom with the bit of brown is where the octopus hid. Once it slid back into its den, nevah came out again!

The Keiki Pond octopus showing siphon.

Very happy to see this many octopuses!
 This is the coral with its guard, the 3 spot chromis. So cute.

Barred filefish
 Blue spined unicorn and manini (convict tang)
 A size comparison: a big cornet flitting over the small frogfish.
 Da mouth
 I had to watch out for surfers where the frogfish is...they were beyond the sign before the lifeguards got there. A no no...but I was out there too!
 This is the same turtle I saw the other day, the one that has the tumors on the left shoulder.

 The horrible lure. I took it out and will throw it away. I hate these things! The fishermen leave them when the line snaps. You can't see it well, but the legs have rust, too.
 Indo-Pacific Damsel
 Male box fish

 Money Cowry shell. I thought it might still be occupied. It was for sure a good shell for another animal to recycle, if they can get in.

 Moorish Idol
 I am wondering if this is an orange sponge. If not, no clue what it is!
 Palm tree for my sweetheart.
 And trees and clouds for me, too
 Pink coral. There is a LOT of white (bleached) coral, too. Too sad.
 Pinktail Durgon with Threadfin Butterfly fish
 Pinktail on its own
 Raccoon butterfly
 Raspberry drupe shell

The seal was snoozing, well protected by Seal Volunteer.
 Sergeant Major. I think they are adorable.
 And a shrimp hiding in its hole.

The snowflake eel looking up at its tormentor, the Bluefin Trevally
 Spotfin Scorpion Fish

Trev and goat fishing together

 This turned out to be......

Two eels! 
 Yellow Tail Coris and Moorish Idol swimming near each other
What a great holiday swim. Here's hoping for next time...

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