Thursday, September 26, 2019

3 Octopuses and a flounder

Yay! The octopuses had returned today and I saw 3 of the little dears:
This was #1. I had seen it before and it was very calm: didn't turn dark brown at all, even when I swooped down to take this picture. It was sitting on top of a rock.

 You can see both eyes and the siphon in octopus #2, although it is closed.
Later, it did turn a little brown. Sensitive, eh? 

All nestled in its den. 

And #3:
Yes, it's in there! Sharing with an urchin.
What a relief to see some octopuses today...yesterday's skunking had me nervous....
I thought this cloud was very awesome and busy. 
 And this one had rain out at sea underneath.
 And a bit of rainbow!
Brighteye Chromis paused just long enough for a photo op.
 And the Flounder was the first thing of note that I saw today!

Good camouflage, eh?

They burn themselves in sand to hide..

Young Orange Shoulder surgeon. The adults have no yellow at all.
 And the juvenile Rock Mover. This one darted about even more than they usually do, so I had a heck of a time catching even one good photo.

They do move about just like seaweed in the current.
 Male Trunk or Box fish

 Nice shell

Octopus #2 with a bit of rainbow on it.

 This tiny Humu definitely didn't want me around, but couldn't stop the nearby rainbow. It was about to dart into a hole.
 Even the Spotfin Scorpion Fish got some rainbow on it.
 As did the urchin
 Closer to the shell..
 Snowflake moray trying to hide.

The Spotfin again.
 And the Bluefin Trevally fishing with a goat fish.

I told a young lady today that she shouldn't step on the bottom because of urchins. This is one of them! Sadly, she had glasses and no mask, so there was little chance she could see underneath the surface.

Great swim. I feel fortunate to live here.

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