Saturday, August 31, 2019

Quick before they get here!!!

Family's coming from the frozen north, so a quick photo post:
The only octopus I found today. Very happy! This is one I saw a few days ago, so glad it's still around.

And the frogfish had moved since the last time I saw it, but still around and growing.
I keep trying to count its "toes" but somehow not sure. Yes, I could research it, but as I said, family is in town!

From the front. Mouth closed, eyes hard to see.

Octopus 1 from another angle.

And for my beloved sis-in-law, an eel!
Box fish
Small honu swam by. It had some kind of growth or tumors on its shoulder.
Trevally irritating a snowflake eel.
Little blenny and bleached coral.
A busy scene with Convict Tang, Humu, Cornet and Lined wrasse
I have been told that this circular thing might be an egg mass.
Mr. Frogfish again. I think its mouth is a little bit open.
Siphon of the octopus. This is an adult sized-octopus.
And peeking at me!
Harder to see the following peeking. Bit of the head just below the . in the last sentence.
Yes, the octopus is in this shot too. Just above the pebbles, it is the same color as the sand.
Juvenile Yellow Tail Coris.
The wrasse again.
The male box fish
A t-intersection of cornet fishes
Another Trevally harassing an eel. 

Even though the swim was accompanied by some slight wheezing, I really enjoyed looking around!

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