Saturday, September 14, 2019

Frogfish missing! Octopuses at home

Snooped and snooped for the frogfish today, but no joy. Hope those octopuses are leaving it alone...
 Octopus #1 turned the darker color when I swooped down in the deeper side for a better look. Sorry, dude!
Octopus #2 is almost the same color as the sand... The eye has pale white lines radiating out from its center.

He'e 3 choosing to blend in
 Showing eye and siphon
 and again. The eye is left and below of the siphon.

A bit darker here, showing siphon and eye

Siphon, eye, and sand in the water.

There were no dancing or hunting octopuses today. I'm glad to see them, though, no matter what they are doing.

Nice little wrasse, I think it's called Black Lined Wrasse.
 Today I found my friend likes clouds as much as I do! Hook 'em, horns!
 Not easy to draw a bead on, but the Snakeshead Cowry was hiding in a divot in the bottom, behind a piece of coral.

Pink coral for Sue.
 Big Cornet and following, two little guys, smaller than pencils!

This urchin had a lot of protective armor.
 Hebrew Cone Shell

Honu swam by and underneath me.
 Another one on the beach. You can see its trail.

Same small honu as above.
 Male Box Fish

 Pencil Urchins on the deep side.

Pinktail. They are in the same family as the Humu, I think.
 Rock Mover and the octopus hiding nearby.
 Snoozing seal and my longest-term Kauai friend, above it.

 Snoozing seal. I'm happy to report that the seal was signed protectively and people were being respectful.
 Snowflake Moray going from one rock to another.

I was sorry to miss seeing my friends while I was in the water, but got to catch up with them at Keoki's later...mmmmm, Hula Pie! (If you don't already know, it's a huge piece..3 of us shared and it was plenty.) Be kind to the animals. And thanks.

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