Wednesday, July 31, 2019

A day early

Normally, I go to exercise class on mon/weds/fri, but since we are looking to possible storms in our area, I went again today. Glad I did! Saw both the frogfish, octopuses, and a surprise barracuda! There was another surprise, too, but I'll get to that in a minute.
Barracuda are very stealthy. Look really'll perhaps first see the black on its tail. They hang out in mid-water, so closer to the surface, which makes it harder for me to catch them with my camera. Also, they move away, and I don't know about you, but it's never my plan to chase a barracuda! Also interesting, I never see them in groups over here. Perhaps I just don't get into deep enough water. That's totally ok with me, by the way.

And I didn't see it catch and eat part of this trevally, but a barracuda is definitely fast enough to do so. I guess it'll all be eaten by morning.

Just so you don't have the dead one stuck in your mind, here's a live one.
 And here's one pestering an eel. 
Octopuses. Yay.

 Somebody made somebody mad....

 A total of 3 octo-sightings today. A great day!

To the right, I call this one The Wrestler. Doesn't it look like a wrestler with bulging shoulder muscles?

 Following, this could be my new fave octo-photo. You can really see it eye, peeking out at me from its den.

 I have given up on naming and numbering. 

I now have my priorities straight again: octopuses first, then frogfish!

You can see it's starting to have some of that "stuff" on its skin. 

I didn't spend much time out here. This fish never does anything! Octopuses are much cooler, although not as rare.
I have been wondering: back in April I caught photos of a frogfish. In the deeper side. Then this fish a while later in the shallow side. Does this mean there are 2?! Or could the little guy have gotten clear across the water to rest in the shallower side? We may never know.

Nice pair of Moorish Idols...going to same way.

Black lined wrasse
 Cloud rainbow with palms
and without
 I noted an anemone crab underneath the coral head. When I got the pix home, that's when I saw the surprise Spotfin Scorpion fish (on the bottom of the shot.) When I'm focused on one thing, sometimes I miss other stuff.

This Trev and Christmas Wrasse were giving the poor Snowflake eel a bad time. 

And here's the female Christmas Wrasse.Another example of the male being somewhat more flamboyantly colored.

Hebrew Cone shell, dug in.
 Male Box fish

 Needle fish near the surface.

And a very pretty Spanish Dancer nudibranch.

 A little more light really makes a difference.

I laughed when I saw the following one: doesn't it look as if it fell off the ledge and bonked its head?
 And the following photo is to show you how small they can be. 
Pinktail Durgon
 A nice shell on the bottom

Here's the fish I've been trying to i.d. I'll look it up soon. No really!
 White spotted puffer. And no, I won't be counting the dots. Too many.
A nice swim. Please pray with me that the storms pass us by!

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