Saturday, July 6, 2019

Four octopuses, 1 frog fish and 1 star fish

I had heard there would be serious waves, so I was hopeful on my way to the swimming spot that I'd even be able to get in.

But the serious waves they touted on t.v. must have been on Oahu. We had waves, but nothing that kept me out of the water. And glad of it, with the bonanza I found!
 Closer up shots of the frog fish. I am mystified by the holes in their skin...what use could that accomplish?

The eyes are cute, too. And the bump on their head, I think, turns into a lure eventually that they can move to attract prey, like real fishing.
 The following photo is how I first saw it today: cute little guy.

 This fish was definitely hiding.
And 4 octopuses. Yay.
 These are all he'e #1. See the siphon in the preceding photo. And the white tube of the siphon.
 After I swam a bit away, it peeked up at me to check that I was really gone. Sorry, octopus. (The brown part on the right is the two eyes.)

 You can see the sand that accumulates on their skin when the waves bring sand in. Or when they use their siphon to blow sand at inquisitive octo-snoopers.

Now, on to He'e #2:
This octopus didn't appear too upset at my presence, but I was in the deeper part, so perhaps it had no clue that I was there. ha.
Octopus #3:
 This one spread its "skirt" while inside its den. I usually see them doing that when hunting.

Looks peaceful, doesn't it?

He'e 4:
 It started out by peeking at me....
and then got mad when I got closer. Photos should be allowed.
This star fish was attached to the back of some trash. It jumped off and onto the bottom when I picked the trash up. Sorry, star fish, gotta get rid of trash in the ocean...I normally see dark brown ones hiding in crevices.
Above, the
 Christmas Wrasse male. See the female a few pictures below.
 Cornet fish and eel #1 below
 Eel #2
 This little fish has been mystifying me for quite a while! I can't get a good enough photo to really i.d. it, but I'm thinking in the Chromis family. Dark body and yellow tail.
 Here's the female Christmas Wrasse.
 And a male Trunk or Box fish
 Here's another of the mystery fish. I'll let you know.

Needle fish near the surface

 And of course, wonderful clouds.

Rock Mover Wrasse
 A pair of Saddle back Butterfly fish

I am not sure what to call these, but they have a tube that curves around. If I find out, I'll let you know.
 And last in the alphabet is the Yellow Tail Coris. Gorgeous fish that has caught the Rock Mover idea of picking up rocks to turn them over for food....
So quite a nice snorkel, considering that it was raining on me a bit in the beginning. That's ideal for me: after all, I'm wet when in the water, so rain is no prob!

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