Thursday, July 18, 2019

16 turtles!

I heard from the seal lady today that there were 16 turtles on the beach earlier! I only saw 4, but that's still a lot. 

My own octo-snooping found at least 3 octopuses, 1 frog fish, one scorp and one spotfin scorp. And the mouth of a Dragon Moray! And lots of pretty shells. What a nice treat. Here are the pix:

 You can doubtless tell that above is the frog fish! Octopuses are never this color. Ha.

In fact, they are rarely any color except brown or maroon, when they're mad at me.
In the preceding photo, the octopus is to the left of the rock in the center. If you look carefully inside its den, you can see its eye just below the rock. And its skin.

I am finding that they hide even more now, when more people are tromping about on their dens.
But in the good news category, I did ask one young lady who was standing on the bottom if she could swim. She replied in the affirmative, so I asked her if she would please do so! I added that animals live on the rocks she was walking on. She actually said I'm Sorry! People can learn.

 There are two shells in this photo, one above (beige) and one below (green). Upon closer scrutiny, I discovered that there was a green animal in the green one. I didn't pick either of them up.

 You can just see the animal above the shell.

 This shell also had an animal inside...yes, I will look it up to see if I can tell you what type of shell it was.

 A white shell still in use and sand.
Abudefduf and Convict Tang. Stripes can be so different, can't they?

An eel I couldn't find in my book.

 Cute blenny

Cleaning Station with Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse attending to a Saddle Wrasse.
 Cone shell showing its pretty innards of purple.
 The Dragon Moray...this was all I could see. It stayed hidden and didn't lunge out to attack me. (Glad.)

Drupe covered in sand
 Flounder,  Peacock variety

Seal snoozing. (Sorry, Ms. J, didn't catch the number!)
 Juvenile Yellow Tail Coris

Male Box fish

I am unsure what this is, but it seemed empty. Maybe an urchin of some type?
 OK, can you spot it?
 Devil Scorpion Fish, in the center of the shot, near a rock. Well, I guess that doesn't help you much, does it?! Look for the side fins. It's in the center of the picture.
This is a turban shell, really old, and the operculum has been sedimented into it....
Pencil urchins and following, Rock Mover Wrasse.

Here's an easier view of the Scorpion Fish, with light on its face.
And showing its colorful right fin as it moved along.


Snowflake Moray and 2 Saddle Wrasses
Spotfin Scorpion Fish, hiding under a rock. 

Turban shell with the Electric Blue Crab in it.
Whitemouth Moray
So, a nice dive. The waves were not as strong as the last time I swam and the tide was going down, so that helped me get out to the Frog Fish. Always a treat, those lemon yellow fishes!

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