Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Six octo-fish and a nudie and a spotfin.

The water quality was not the best ever, but 6 octopuses makes up for that! (I may intersperse the pix with a Spanish Dancer nudibranch, just for some color.)

 See it? Just kidding. It was on the deep side. And actually, it's the brown spot right in the middle of the photo above. 
 And closer up.

 Peeking at me!

I do enjoy the octo-fish. And the nudibranchs! I wonder how close to the nudibranch color the octopus could get....hmmmm...

The raccoon butterfly got right up close!
 Lovely clouds

 Blue spined unicorn

Crab (look for its eyes behind the Turban shell)
 The cutest little flounder (also see the vid on youtube...look for octopigirl7)
 Honu on the beach
 This Humu was trying to hide in a former octo-den.

Lizard fishes for my sweetie
 Male box

Very unusual to see the Pencil Urchins out and about.

 Pinktail Durgon

 Spanish Dancer Nudie again

Spotfin Scorpion Fish hiding
 Yes, there really is a flounder...

 Urchin remains
 And the little flounder again. Such good camouflage!

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