Tuesday, July 9, 2019

401 and counting!

My Google blog info tells me that I have written 400 posts. I am amazed that so many have flowed out of these hands and cameras. Here's hoping for another 400.

Today, the waves and wind were pretty outrageous. I was able to get, for a brief time, out to where the frogfish hangs out, but didn't spot it. I thought: let's see, concussion or frogfish? Hard decisions.

I did spot 3 octopuses, though and since that's what I normally search for specifically, I was very happy to spy them. Here's #1, the little guy:
 Awww so cute and small. 
 And you can see its small siphon.
He'e #2 was bigger and a "regular":
You can see its eye down and to the left of the red rock. It then sneaked down into its den, so this is the photo with the most octopus in it.

And #3:
 It was down in its den. If you look between the slightly orange rock and the one above that, in between is octo-body.
 You can see it was quite a good choice of den.

This photo was taken before it saw me. Its body is more visible, but still not easy to spot.
 Bluefin Trevally above and Christmas Wrasse over sand below.

Male box fish
The water on the deep side was pretty much a washing machine, so I didn't spot any octopuses out there. And quite a rip.

Just glad to get out there. And to spot octopuses.

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