Thursday, May 2, 2019

Diet Coke and Vichyssoise

I am not a food blogger...occasionally, I'll put up a photo of some cool food in France, but routinely I think it's stupid to post pix of what you eat. My bad.

Today, however, and there is no photo, I found myself with Diet Coke and a very nice bowl of Vichyssoise for my at-home lunch. YUM. Good thing my pal in Poipu doesn't routinely read my posts.  She is correct in telling me that Diet Coke is bad for you. I do agree, but do still find myself not stopping drinking it! But the Vichyssoise was so good. I didn't make the recipe, so I'm not bragging, but when a soup is so good that as you're falling asleep you find yourself wondering "where is the rest of that soup?!", you fall upon it once you remember where you stashed it. And since there wasn't a lot left, my husband, bless his cotton-pickin' heart, let me have it all! I did let him have a spoonful...

I made it partially because I love that soup (leeks and onion and cream and sour cream how could you NOT love it?), but we had purchased leeks for something else and there was one left over. As pricey as leeks are, one should not waste the remaining one. Hence the yummo soup. (And just in case you're thinking "How could she have French soup without French wine?", the answer is that it was tough, but I have promised myself not to drink alcohol during 2019, so there ya go.)

And today was my first day back in the water as the vertigo has now dissipated, I hope entirely. I'm surprised at how much of a strain it was not to swim. Truthfully, although I know my gym workouts and treadmill are good for me, the hard part was not viewing my octo-pals in the big drink.

 The previous photo shows a Unicorn fish...the octopus had thought I was gone, so it popped up a bit more on the right. It's the dark blob above the rock.
 What I saw at first from above. This was in the deep side, mind you, so not as easy to get close. The octopus is in the center, to the left of the greenish rock.
 And, as I have noted before, one never knows exactly what you have until you get the photos home! Note the nice basket shell to the left of the red pebble....The white tube above it might actually be the animal. But since I didn't see it, and therefore didn't pick it up, we may never know.
This octopus eventually tired of me snapping its photo, so I left it alone...a couple of times...perhaps I was testing to see if I could remember its den's location and find it next time. 

There was a Scorpion Fish, a smallish one:
 The previous shot shows its eye, too, which sometimes I have a hard time catching with my camera. Its head is to the left of the lavender rock.
This Scorp was maybe 8 inches long, including the tail.

The cute little 3 spot damsel fish that hangs out near coral..
 Upcoming rain

My hubby received a Coolamari ice cube maker for his birthday. I had one already, so there may be a  party in our future. Cute, yeah? You can see the octo-cube, and also the cube maker below.

 Crab. The eyes are about a 3rd from the right. Not sure what these are called. I know it's a Hermit Crab, because the shell it stole is in the middle, but not sure if there is another name for this particular type of Hermit Crab.
 The original "I've got yer back" photo...2 hawk fishes on top of a coral head.

 There were 2 turtles having breakfast this morning. One big one and one smaller..

 I do wish someone could tell me what the circular thing below is. I think it's some kind of poo, but not sure what makes it. If you know, pass along the info, please.

Male Trunk or Box fish

 I found this small collection of pencils out in the open. The pink is my new glove color. I'm so fashionable, I can't stand myself. Oh yeah..

Picasso Trigger Fish. Love these colors.
 And the Pinktail Durgon

I tried to use the microscope portion of my camera to catch raindrops as they hit the surface.
 And I did catch the cloud rainbow, rain offshore
 and a bigger wave.
 More of the turtles. This is the smaller one.

And what swim would be complete without a Trevally and a Snowflake Moray eel?
 You can see the Snowflake below, near the bottom.
 This poor urchin had waaaaay too much baggage! Yes, there is one under all those rocks.
So glad for a snorkel adventure, especially with an octopus. Glad to be back.

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