Tuesday, May 21, 2019

One octopus!

I saw a new octopus today, so glad of the swim:
 This was in the deep side, so wasn't able to get really close. 
Trevally hassling eel
There's just something about Ambon puffers with light on them.
 Blenny could have used more light...

The blue spined unicorn before it got its horn

 Christmas wrasse

Find the blue chromis
 This crab was walking with its big house on its back..
 Cowry hiding in the rocks.
 More crab
 Brighteye Chromis and pencil urchins
 Sea cucumber threads

Today's trash. It took me at least 5 minutes to wind the fishing line up on the lead just below the scissors. Lots of glass, too.
 Male trunk fish
 An unfortunate crab inside a horn shell. (Unfortunate because I brought it home, not knowing the crab was in there....sorry, crab!)

Urchin with a shell and other protective gear.
 What not to do. I had a closer-in picture, but wanted to protect the bySTANDERS in the water. If you need to confer with your partners, why not do it before getting in the water? This way, you step on unsuspecting wildlife.
This honu came out of nowhere; I had to tell the other guy not to chase it.

This Humu was expelling sand as it sped along the bottom. I guess they pick up sand along with their food. 
 Awwwww. A tiny Lizard Fish.

Needle fish
A nice swim. I enjoyed seeing all the pretties.

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