Thursday, May 16, 2019

A sad day for the eel

Today, I happened upon a sad yellow headed eel. He was totally wrapped up in a fishing line. By the time I got there, it had what I think was a hook and line wrapped around it. I had hoped that if I cut the line near the weights, it might be able to get free, but it was too snarled up with line. I fear it drowned. I couldn't get to the parts of line near its body, without getting bitten.

 You can see the lead weights at the end of the line.
Poor thing!

 An eel is not my favorite animal, but still I don't like seeing one die this way.
And no octopuses! again!!! Their camouflage must be really good.

 The orange just below the coral head is a crab.

 I'll bet there was an octopus in this hole! But I couldn't see him, if he was home at the time.
 Nice water, relatively and low tide.
 Picasso Trigger

 And a big porcupine puffer.
 Rock Mover and a snake eel.
 And little scorpion fish...maybe 5 inches long. Very cute.

 And today's trash, including glass and both sets of fishing weights. 
Sad day. I think I need a nap......

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