Saturday, May 18, 2019

I hope sad isn't going to be a thing...

Two swims in a row, there was something sad that happened while I was swimming: last time, the demise of an eel. And today, two things: one a little trevally trapped in a net and an Ambon puffer not doing well. Gee. Makes one think. But, on the good side, there were 2 octopuses, so after a few days of no sightings, that's all good.
 This poor Ambon puffer definitely looked the worse for wear. It had wedged itself in between two rocks, perhaps feeling more protected that way. Not sure what made its skin do that, but definitely not healthy.
 And the full on fishing net over an area bigger than my friend's kitchen; and the trevally that got caught in it.
It surprised me that this was allowed. I could easily have not seen it and swum into the net and gotten caught too. Fortunately, the fishermen picked up the net and took it out of the water. The trevally was underweight for fishing, too, so bad all around. And this was in the Keiki Pond! That is, the shallower water where everybody takes their kids.

But, as I said, there were two octopus sightings to take my mind off the sad:
 These are shots of my "regular" octopus, which I couldn't find the last few days. Glad to "catch" it today.
 And this one was hiding out near the reef break. It turned that dark brown a second later.
So, very happy to be back in the swim of finding octo-fishes.
 Two Peacock Groupers, out in the deeper side.
 Two things of note here: the crab hiding in the hole and a Snakeshead Cowry. Both were still there when I left.
 And I very nearly put my hand down on this flounder! Two eyes and a bit of skin showing.
 You can see how well hidden it was.

And the Hebrew Cone shell had some white stuff on it, but I do believe the animal was still in it, so I didn't do anything but take a photo or two.
 This Humu was protecting something! It charged me a couple of times. Since this type of fish once charged me and actually bit me, I swam away. 
 Money Cowry shell
 Moorish Idol
 And mystery things attached to a rock. Really don't know what they are, but they appeared empty. Could be some kind of egg casing.
 The guy and the net. 
 Pencil urchins

 Following is a pinktail Durgon, but also, a surprise to me, in the background on the right, a potential Scorpion Fish with its mouth slightly ajar. .......................................................................right below the ri of right.
 Another Pinktail.
 Saddleback butterfly fish.
 Snowflake and Christmas wrasse.

 Trunk standing on its head. ha.

So apart from some folks doing things I didn't approve of, a very nice swim and glad to see octo-pals again.

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