Thursday, October 25, 2018

They're back!

I told a friend that the octopuses were back today, and celebrating her birthday! (She's a friend who says she can't see the octopuses, even in my fabulous photos. ha.) I even had a bit of purple in my gray hair, just to entice the octopuses. Oh yeah, like they noticed. Octopuses are about color, just not purple, as far as I know.
 Yes, there really is an octopus in the den, but the main thrust of this photo is the golden earring...I didn't pick it up, because I have heard it rumored that octopuses will pick up sparkly things and leave them outside their a refresher about where the front door is, perhaps. Who understands the minds of these amazing creatures?!
 This is octopus #2. Look carefully and you'll see the small siphon in the little v of the photo above. 
 Another of the surprise octopuses. This one was small and I heard myself say "No way! Thanks God!" when I saw it.
Same octopus, different colors.

 This was octopus #4 and so incredible to see it. It was just a very small one and fairly well hidden.

The surf was big today, so I didn't spend much time in the deeper side. As it was, I had to ride the rip down to the hotel and get out there. So all four octopuses were hiding in the Kiddie Pond.
 Maybe the size of the photo does matter. 
Once they see you, it's all over...they sneak down and it's tough to see them. Well, tougher than usual.

Very happy about all the sightings, especially since my last swim garnered no octo-viewings.
 During one of my pop-ups while swimming, I caught these cool clouds. So pretty and I imagined how hard it would be not only to visualize those, but the paint them. 
 Sleeping Honu. And some poor kid somewhere is missing his pail and shovel...

The Humu probably figured out there was an octopus in the hole below and to the left in this picture. Sometimes the little Humu dart into holes when they are afraid...but this hole was occupied.
 A seal swimming in and approaching the sleeping seal already on the island. The 2nd seal is the smooth "rock" just barely on the sand. They snoozed together for a bit, but then disappeared. I think that even though the people who visited the island later stayed away from the seals, but they probably made some noise. All that is a guess, though, as the seals don't speak to me any more than the octopuses do!

Needlefish in a flotilla. They are not usually so far down in the water, so I took the opportunity to take the photo.
 Progress had been made in getting closer. They do a cute wiggle to move on land.
 Rainbow out where the surfers were.
 The seal snoozing when I got can see how people would worry it was dead, as they really don't move often and you can't easily see them breathing.
Trevally with a female Christmas Wrasse....the wrasse is the same type of fish that I set loose from a fishing line a while ago. One does what one can. I also pick up fishing line and a lot of glass. Who would think of throwing beer bottle pieces in the water? Perhaps they fall off the boats. In any case, the water was in many places nicer than expected. And of course, octopuses makes the dive wonderful.

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