Tuesday, October 23, 2018

I guess after a banner day, you gotta have the other kind...

I'm not saying I didn't have a good time swimming today, but there were no visible octopuses. And there were two seals so we know who to blame. ha.

 A whole mess of cornet fishes in a group...
 A Brighteye Damsel fish and a Spanish Dancer nudibranch.
 An eel hiding inside the reef (maybe it ate those octopuses!)
 And for my sweetheart, a lizard fish. And a rainbow seal. I haven't seen the light on my camera lens do this before, but it was rather cute..
 Rock Mover Wrasse. Every time I see them throw rocks around, I am once again amazed.
 Three Cowry shells hiding until night time.
 Trevally and the eel it was harassing.
 If the pretty off-white shell had been on the ground, I would have picked it up and brought it home. But it was in use....it would be interesting to know if the animal is still inside...just getting a free ride around the bottom.
So it was disappointing to see no octopuses, but there were some bright spots...so I shouldn't complain. I did report the gold ring I found recently to the lifeguard. He took my data and will let me know if someone comes in having lost theirs....I can't imagine explaining how I lost my wedding ring! Especially since mine is one of a kind.  Thanks for reading...even though there were no he'e!

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