Thursday, October 18, 2018


As you may know, most of my heavy interest is in octopuses, of which I found only one...after looking for over 2 hours! So this crab caught my eye...its eyes are on stalks and are green. It had also picked up not only a shell to use, but had added those 3 light brown things. I was going to say some kind of anemone, but the image search didn't show these.  Oy, what I don't know!!!
 Abudefduf. Still smile when I say that name...
 Almost a complete rainbow..and palm trees.
 A black leaf fish. 

 Light on a Christmas Wrasse.

 A Cone shell of a different type than what I normally see.

In the photo to the left, would you have spotted the Spotfin Scorpion Fish? (I almost missed it: i passed it over and thought: Wait! Is that a face?!) See the animal more close-up below. And it is in the "V" of the rocks, on the bottom portion of the v.
 No, it's not two Snowflake Morays, but one over and under the rock, so showing on both sides.

 Two Moorish Idols from above.
 A Monk Seal resting while molting...up near the bushes.

 A rainbow and palms, again.
 The Spotfin....isn't that a face only a mother could love? I enjoy that it has spots on its lips, too.
 Very pretty Surgeon Fish with light.

I can't remember if I have ever noticed this nice blue on the edge of the Threadfin Butterfly fish's dorsal fin...

Zebra Moray, hiding underneath an overhang. 
And the creme de la creme, the octopus:
 The white rock helped me take the pix: the octopus does rather blend into the bottom..

 The photo above is how it looked when I first saw it. Then it slipped down further into its den for protective purposes.
I saw a sad video the other day of a group of Chinamen Leatherjacket Fish..they were hassling an adult octopus and the octopus fled and inked, but they stayed with it. Then, sadly, the octopus made the bad decision of fleeing up toward the surface. The fish were all over that. Hard to watch, but the octopuses are prey...just never prey for me!

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