Saturday, September 15, 2018

We escaped the storm, but the vis and surf remain iffy

Thanks for all the prayers, folks! We did escape the latest hurricane (Olivia) with just some rain and winds and surf. Which hadn't dissipated today, when I got in the water for my first swim since all that "unpleasantness." 

So I got in at about 7:50 a.m. and got out about 30 minutes later! Needless to day, that isn't my usual, but I was happy to get in and to find one octopus. Considering the condition of the water and surf, I was very lucky to see one.
See what I mean? The good thing is that it was, I think, a regular octopus, returned to its former home. I had not seen this one for a few swims, so I worried that it had moved or been eaten. Thank God, apparently not.
All the little white lines are sand and other stuff flowing past the octo-den. Welcome back, little one!
This is a shot of a broken drupe shell. Isn't that purple lovely? I like to imagine what broke the shells, when I see them broken. Must have had some teeth, as that shell isn't thin.
And this is why I got out! I popped up to see if anyone had joined me in the kiddie pond, and saw this threatening cloud. I hadn't heard about any thunderstorms headed our way, but knew I didn't want to hear one first, while still in the water. So I swam back over and got out. Very glad I saw an octopus. They always make my day. Of course, as usual, I second guessed my decision later, when the sun took over again. Ah well.  God willing, I'll have more chances.

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