Saturday, September 8, 2018

3 he'e oh yeah

Well, this is a rarity: a Brighteye Chromis looking at my first octopus of the day. The Brighteyes can be quite aggressive against other animals in their territory. This octopus wasn't intimidated!
 He'e 2 out near where the poor tourists thrash the bottom.....happily, they didn't tromp on the octo-den....

He'e 3. This was a small one and it didn't do much....even when I wiggled my gloved fingers at it. 
These little snowflake morays are all over the reef. Just another reason I wouldn't walk on the bottom.

One of the tiny Humu out and about now....they dart into holes when intimidated.

 Abudefduf. Say it aloud. That's the fun part.

A bishop's mitre shell. I tried to pick it up, but it resisted, so I think the animal was still in it. So I didn't "harvest" it.
 Brighteye Chromis and my shadow. Lets you know the size comparison.

Clouds and water...taken from the water.
 Cowry, hiding.

Same Cowry and a wrasse nearby.
 Honey Cowry and urchin. Nice colors, eh?

I am unsure if this is a very small lizard fish. But very cute and quick.
 Flea Bite Cone Shell.

 Trevally and goatfish fishing together. They were circling a snowflake moray.

Green Coral and a Brighteye Chromis (at the top of the photo), which I didn't see until I got the pix home.
Hermit crab on coral head. (look for orange bits outside the pink shell.)

A horn shell. I think.
 Adult humu.

Tiny humu, hiding.

An operculum still in the turban shell. I think no one was using it, but I left it in case.

Pencil urchins. They are a nice contrast to the sandy-colored bottom.

I tried to compare the little humu with the Raccoon butterfly fish. I guess you need to know the size of the Raccoons to know the size of the humu....
 Shrimp hiding underneath a rock.

A snowflake Moray eel, telling me it doesn't like me. Good thing I have a strong personality and do not take these things personally. I guess I'd be intimidated by something as big as I am!
Always grateful to God for His wonderful creations.

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