Thursday, September 20, 2018

Four octopuses and a very tiny flounder!

I have been trying to teach myself not to use so many exclamation marks in my posts...but today there was such a tiny and cute flounder.

See? I do not lie.  And yes, it IS hard to see. It is on a rock...look for the white and pale tan markings. The thing was maybe 2 inches long. And very cute. In the photo below, it is near the center of the photo.
Truly, I only saw it because it moved. Not only is it well camouflaged, but so small. Definitely a good survival strategy.
He'e #1 is at the upper right of this photo. You'll see just a bumpy tan-colored thing. This is one of my "regular" octopuses and it has figured out to hide. Drat.

 This was octopus #2, I think. Showing the darker color and the siphon. You can also see the eyes.

 Octopus #3 was small and very adorable. It is wearing purple eyeshadow in the photo below. It also doesn't turn that angry maroon color..I haven't decided if that's a good or bad thing. I do want them to protect themselves!
 At first visit, I couldn't see octopus #4 in its regular place. So I re-visited later when the light was a bit different and saw it. Granted, not easy to spot! It was hiding quite well, recessed back in the den.
 Rainbow octopus. I do love how the light makes them have colors.
I suspect that the Brighteye Chromis chases octopuses away....this is where He'e #2 had been hiding, but when I re-visited, I couldn't see it. I think the Chromis, while small, is very bossy. 
 Near the bottom of the photo, you'll see a black tiny fish with a white spot. This is the 3-spot Chromis. They usually guard coral, so perhaps he had just chased someone away from the coral head at the top of the shot.
 At one point, I was surrounded by 20 cornet fish! Of course, couldn't get all those in one shot, but I did wonder why they were gathered...
 The sun hit this Ambon Puffer and gave it a fake tan. And below, not a great photo, but you can see the electric blue anal fin.

 Brighteye Chromis and Christmas Wrasse, below.

 Hebrew Cone shell.

This was one of my faves: turns out it was two cowry shells hiding and a blenny lounging around them.
 Mr. Eel.  My sweetheart says the open mouth isn't an attempt to bite, but to breathe. 

And a nice male box fish.
 Moorish Idol.
 Needle fish, swimming near the surface.
Red pencil urchins

I had noted recently that I wasn't seeing Pinktail one showed up today.

 And a nice Barred File Fish juvenile....before the bars come out.

Saddleback Butterfly...all alone. Don't know where its partner was...
 Snowflake Moray.

The moray was right around where the people were walking on the bottom. I considered telling them, but these are not mean eels. 

Very nice swim. Only a few people were idiots and no lectures were given. Sometimes it is very hard to keep the mouth closed. Thanks, God!

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