Thursday, October 10, 2019

Deep side extravaganza

3 octopuses in the deep side again. And none in the shallow Keiki Pond. What's up with that?!

Octopus #1 was at first hiding really well, but I swam off and came back later and it was out:

Nice to see this one again. 

Don't tell anyone that hunts/eats octopuses, but they put rocks outside their dens.
Octopus #2:
 The Rock Mover wrasse was hassling this octopus and it fled. 
 And then landed on a rock just down from some weed.

 And then went underneath a rock.  It was the deep side, so I wasn't able to get down close. But the octopus turned dark anyway. Probably a comment on the wrasse, not me. (Hoping)
Octopus #3:
 It's to the right of the red rock. Small one and well hidden, clinging to the rock. You can see the white around its eyes.
Nice visuals of the he'e. I always appreciate seeing even one.
 3 Honu were clumped together on the beach. Another one was away from the group; apparently more standoffish than the others.

Abudefduf cruising around.
 And an Ambon Puffer! I see them all the time, but usually can't catch the pretty blue fin below, on its underside.

Blue spined Unicorn fish in a group...
 And a Rock Mover Wrasse hunting for breakfast with 2 goat fish.
 Christmas Wrasse male. I just love their colors and patterns.

Clouds were wispy.
 Cone shell as I first saw it....

and when I carefully turned it over by the fat end. This one had its animal still in it.
 The juvenile Barred Filefish again! Love the dots, although they at first reminded me of measles...

The sock monkey eyes are the same as the adult's.

Indo Pacific Damsel
 Lined wrasse. Note how the eye is concealed in the bottom line of color. Look on the left.

Peacock Grouper showing my favorite blue.
 And again. I love how it appears as though the fish is balancing on its nose. Which of course it wasn't.
 Pencil Urchins
 Pinktail and Indo-Pacific Damsel
 Pinktail and Saddle wrasse. Look at those teeth.

 This Snowflake Moray wound itself around a rock, near that big Cone shell.
 I always laugh in my snorkel when I see these tiny Humu. They always watch me and dive into a nearby hole if I get too close.

 Note its raised spike on its head.

And a little extra light on its eye.
 Trevally cruising for breakfast.

And that's the haps from today. I wonder what I'll be seeing when we move to Oahu? Hanauma Bay, that's what! Thanks for reading. (I do miss that frogfish!)

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