Saturday, October 5, 2019

7 octopus - perfection!

Seven supposedly refers to perfection. So it was perfect that I saw 7 octopuses, but the photos are less than stellar. It's all good though. We are working on a move to Oahu, so I'm storing up the good Kauai experiences.

 The Rock Mover was irritating this poor octopus #1.

And this photo is what I first saw. Deep side.
 #2. Stayed in the den and didn't do much other than breathe.

 #3 was a great hider. The brown part in the left of the den is the octopus.
 #4 I think.



One always wants them to sing and dance, but sometimes, they are just hanging out breathing.
 The male Trunk fish was touching the female, then swam away.

Very happy to see the Big Eye Emperor! I haven't seen one this size ever.
 Cornets meeting.
 A Drupe shell covered in ocean goop.
 Kihikihi (Moorish Idol) and a Christmas wrasse.
 The Pinktail always runs away. And since it's the deep side, the photo is never close up. But still enjoyable.
 While this photo is a bit fuzzy, I included because it appears that the Stocky Hawkfish was peeking at me.
 A tiny Humu. I smile every time I see these tiny guys.
 Bluefin Trevally
Yellow Tail Coris. I showed the juvenile in my previous post. So pretty.

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