Thursday, August 8, 2019

Sometimes the waves cut me some slack

I was able to get out far enough to find the cute yellow critter today...on my 2nd try!

My first try was mashed about by big waves. I can usually hear them coming, so I can turn away in advance of their arrival.

The whole time, the frogfish was looking at me. Possibly wondering what the heck I was doing there...again!
 And the good news for the fish is that I rarely stay long. I have to get away from the waves which eventually do come back. And, this little fish rarely does much, so there's really no need to stay. Other than its infinite cuteness. HA.

And speaking of cute, five octopuses today. A banner day and much appreciated.
He'e 1: Gladys

 This whole naming octopuses thing is getting strange. 

There were 5 so we'll just go with that. And yes, in the one following that brown bit in the middle of the frame is the octopus. 
 You can see the siphon and the eye.

 This was a very cute little one.

See how hard it can be to spot them? Same color as the ocean floor.

 This one got tired of me looking, and started to shrink down into its den. Note the legs and the eye.

 You can see arms, eye and suckers.
And there was also a Spotfin Scorpion fish:

It didn't like me looking..This fish was maybe 5 inches long, including the tail.
 Don't step on them: they have venom in their spines on the back.

 It's a cousin to the Devil Scorpion Fish  (which I didn't see today)

Two yellow tail Coris.
 Male Trunk or Box fish

clouds, surfers and waves
 Cornet getting a cleaning

Christmas Wrasse
 Somebody had a lobster meal again. I was surprised to see the colors on the back of the carcass. Had no idea they were striped!

Clouds and sun. Yeah, it's tough living on Kauai. 
 Pencil urchins

I was able to get a bit closer to a Pinktail today. 
 Even one with its mouth open.

 Saddle wrasse and snowflake moray

An overloaded urchin

  I call these 2 photos What They Missed: my friends are coming next month and this is just an enticement for them to hurry up! LOL

Yes, there are lifeguards. They are all youngsters, for the most part, but strong people all the same.

It was really nice to get in the water today, now that the storms are out of our area. It was a treat to check on Hurricane Flossie the other day, only to find out she had totally disappeared!! Woohoo! 

And 5 octopuses, 1 Frogfish. The day was packed!

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