Saturday, November 3, 2018

A Monk Seal Encounter

Normally, I snap a quick photo and then swim away from the Monk Seals. Normally, they are fine with that!

But today, this one looked up and me as if to say: Are we going to play?!

I was nonplussed. I wasn't sure what to do, as I swam away, the seal followed me. Eek. So I fortunately was able to swim over into the kiddie pond and the seal remained in the deeper side. I wouldn't want to get a seal in trouble!!

Yeah, the last one is the one where I thought: Oh my goodness, what can I do?! It appeared he was trying to have fun with a new! 

They are big animals. When they are on the beach, it doesn't seem like a big deal, as they are much more slow on land. In the water, they are premier athletes. After all, they swim a lot. And they are for the most part, big!! By that I mean, longer than I am tall.

Luckily, my departure from the deep side was effective in letting the seal get on about his/her own business. Thank God. I would never want to be responsible for a seal being relocated. That's what they do if the seals starts being too interested in humans. Whew.

One octopus. NONE of the pix is great, sadly. This one had been acquainted with humans before and was able to hide quite effectively.
Yeah, it's in that den. I won't blame you if you can't tell. I only could tell because it moved to retract itself from view. Darn shy animals!
Others weren't so shy:
Ambon Puffer Fish

 Sea Cucumber
 Eel I think a stocky eel
 eggs....can you imagine entrusting your eggs to a piece of rock?!
There's a very faint rainbow in the middle of the photo..

 Face of a Goat fish
 God's glory clouds
 Hawk fish above a Snowflake Moray....the trevally (not in the photo) was circling. This was why.
 Honu swimming away
 Moorish Idol from above. They are so lovely
 Orange Spined Unicorn from above
 Palm tree and clouds for Alex
 Pencil urchins. So pretty and colorful.
 Scarface Blenny

 Snowflake Morays...

A Stripey
The seal on the left was dozing while the others cavorted. (Look for the video on youtube octopigirl7)
 It apparently got a bit itchy...

 Getting ready to come ashore.
 to become friends with the turtle..
People were being respectful, thank God. Yay.
A very nice snorkel, as the waves were a bit down and the water was clear. 

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