Saturday, November 18, 2017

Where do you see the good fish?

Yes, that was an actual question from a man sitting with his wife on the beach as I got out. I gave him a look and said: You are cracking me up! He said: That was my plan....Then I told him I saw 5 octopuses and his response was: There are octopuses in there?!

HA. The naivete of the visitor.  Rather than say that, I walked to the showers... I do love it, though. People sometimes do not get that this is the REAL ocean, with everything in it that you'd expect. Even octopuses! Which, apparently, one does not expect. It was a real treat: there was an octopus in the big round coral head where I check every time I can get to it (it's out near the surf break)
At first, I saw just the legs and suckers...then it popped its head out (the brown part). Very curious, these animals.
And then octopus #2 was quite thrilling: it was fully out, it moved around and a Rock Mover Wrasse was doggin' it!

Check also my youtube movie: look for octopigirl7. The video shows the rolling color change that octopuses can do. And yes, all the ones immediately above are the same octopus...just different coloration and bumps..

I'm not sure why the Rock Mover kept with the octopus.  Didn't seem to be getting any food from it, but perhaps it was just hoping. I didn't see the octopus lash out at the Rock Mover, but I've seen them do that in the past: just like flipping out an elbow to get a fish to disappear. Thwack!

 Abudefduf, to the left.
 Ambon puffer fish. Love these colors and patterns.

A Brighteye Chromis not showing its eyes.  Just its latter half...
 I know it's early for Christmas, but here's the Wrasse.

Cleaning station. The yellow, black and purple ones are the Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasses.  Look how trusting the Convict Tang is: it's letting the fish into its gills to snack on parasites..
 Cone shell, buried. Please don't pick these up. Unfriendly animal with venom inside.

The piece of glass was what first caught my eye, but as I was reaching to pick it up, I saw the shell: above and to the left. Nice shell.  Don't hate me, but I don't know its name..Bad, bad blogger!

Goat fish in a pack and needle fish in a flotilla.
 This looks like a wrasse, but it was bright green (not something I see very often) and I don't know what this one is either. Hey! It was small and quick. Gimme a break!

Leaf fish, clinging to the rock.
 Male Trunk Fish.

I haven't seen one of these in a long time: Millet Seed Butterfly fish. Look at the yellow lines on the face...Who else but God could think that up?!
Octopus #3. Small one. But cute. Brown siphon, and a bit of aqua just below it. The eye just above it.

 This one apparently wasn't mad at me, because it didn't change to that angry maroon color. yay.
T4 below..another small one.
T5 (for tako) was hidden in the hole just beyond these rocks. I saw a flash of color and movement and that's all.
The 2nd leaf fish. This one was dark, almost black. 

This shell was occupied, I suspect, by the original animal. It had both sides together.
And now, for the morning before the pond..Moon

 And Venus. If you look directly above the palm tree, it's hiding in between clouds.

Just another of the benefits of walking with my sweetie in the morning! Starts the day off right.

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