Friday, November 24, 2017

Day 2

So nice to have a string of days to swim! Apparently, these two 4-spot butterflies appreciate their swim too.

 As do these 2 cowries.
 Stripeys above, Moorish Idols below.


 Into the tiny zone: trunk fish and Brighteye Chromis

 Yellow tail coris, Convict tang and Hawaiian Cleaner wrasses.. a cleaning station.

 Convex Crab. Hiding. Apparently, it's not only octopus that do that..

 Oops. Someone ate crab for lunch. (Not me.)
 Flounder for Alex.
 Eel for Sue.

 Another photo of the flounder.

 Grocery store bag fish. It took me about 15 dives to get all these pieces picked up. Bah.
 Peacock Grouper apparently has a different kind of cleaner wrasse...electric blue.
 Mr. Honu swam by me....
 I am totally guessing, but these Indo Pacific Damsels were circling..I think the pink was eggs.
 Leaf Fish.

 Lizard Fish above and below.

 Moorish Idol. Look for the eyebrows.

 Octopus #2. (Of 2)

 Pencil Urchins./
 Rainbow out at sea.

 Scorpion Fish.
 Spanish Dancer.
 Trunk Fish

 Seal resting. Its name is V77...
 Yellow Tail Coris.
nice swim.

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