Monday, October 23, 2023

Some disappointments yet God shines through!

 We have been awaiting the results of my brother's targeted biopsy. They are in: he does have prostate cancer.

The good news is that this cancer is slow moving. He will meet with the doctor specialists and choose a treatment plan. The other good news is that God will direct his path. I trust in that.

The other disappointment is that my one remaining camera is on the fritz. (I must look up the origin of that phrase! So if I have photos, they will come from my phone, at least until the Olympus is fixed.

The other good news is that the 24 hour prayer vigil for prisoners in Albuquerque went well. I felt a peace and joy while praying for my scheduled time. I don't normally enjoy praying on cue, but this time, the prayers felt directed and very much received.

Now let's see what photos might be worthy of sharing.

Well, they say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I'm there! Somehow, my saved pictures are in some mystery universe. Suffice it to say, the most excitement in recent times is my meteor views, and none of those is documented with my camera. My little Olympus TG-4 just isn't designed for astronomical photos. But I have seen over 900 meteors since I started counting. You will just have to take my word for that. 

And have a great week. We are having rain. Of course we are! This is supposed to be the best night to capture Orionid meteors. I am thankful that I have seen as many meteors as I have; and I will be able to go back to bed for some more snooze.

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