Monday, October 16, 2023

Pardon me?

 I am about to embark on getting hearing aids! Once I got over the concept that I was getting older, it turns out to be easier than I thought. AND, found out that my insurance covers most of the cost! I had been told that my company would NOT cover, so was surprised and happy to find out we can save $$ by changing where I get the hearing aids.

So I won't have to continually say "Pardon me?"

Clouds along the Waimea river on Kauai.

I don't know who owns this horse, but it is pretty. 

Two Stilts at the beach. 
Apparently, this Stilt cannot read the warnings.

She was doze-y...wanting to fall asleep but not miss anything.

She is a very pretty Boxer girl.

Moorhen. Perhaps awaiting rain; normally the bird would be standing in running water. But we are in somewhat of a drought.
Rain next to Niihau.

I am glad to have my base pass back; that 1st year really raced by!

Thanks for reading. I am approaching 900 count on my meteors, so it is exciting for me. Even if it is messing with my sleep!

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