Monday, October 9, 2023

God sat down

 A friend was recently discussing with his father whether God could actually sit down and solve problems with humans. I do feel that God is present; not too sure how He sits down when He is Spirit! But I'm ok either way, as long as He communicates with us, His people!

Lots of meteor sightings recently. We have moved into the Orionids apparently (as do they know?!) Nice meteors, some really clear. I am still debating whether  the cost of an astronomy camera would be worth the cost. Not for meteor viewing, though. By the time you see the meteor through your lens, it's gone. Video would be required, I'm thinking. So that's the reason you won't see any meteors in my posts, even though I may see some in the early morning hours.

Nene geese. I have begun thinking of them as Nay-Neigh. That's just how I roll. When you are retired, you will have time to play with words, too. Hopefully.

Stilt. This one was really upset with me and kept trying to tell me so!

A shorebird that never got close enough so that I could even hope to i.d. it.

A group of Coots.

She likes to watch me leave. Not sure how to take that.

I do like the freckles on her chest.
A pair of pooches I met on the walk. The white part Pitbull was deaf. Apparently, being a white dog sometimes mean your hearing gets compromised.
Lizard for you know who. Sat still for the pix too!
If you are not already turned onto meteor viewing, get on out there and look toward Orion when it's really dark. Much fun. And thanks for reading.

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