Sunday, November 5, 2023

Missing the handheld camera, but fighting through with my phone....

 I will be taking a short sabbatical from my blog. I am really missing my cameras (TG4 turned out not to be all that tough!) and I can't catch meteors with those anyway, so I'll be holding off posting for a while. Please do check back with me in the new year...i am hopeful I'll get the camera biz sorted out.

I will leave you with a recent event: I was on my early morning walk and noted a chicken acting strangely. We have MANY chickens on Kauai and it is unusual for one to keep still when a human approaches. It was soon obvious why the chicken was so still: It had monofilament fishing line wrapped around its feet!

I can only imagine what was going through its bird brain, as it occasionally struggled against its bonds. Fortunately, I had my box cutter in my vest pocket, so with 3 tries at freeing it, I was finally able to get close enough to sever the line that was wrapped around its claws. I think it knew I was helping it, as it didn't move at all, even when I got closer.

Eventually, I was able to get close enough to cut the last of the line and the chicken squealed a relieved yell and ran off. 

And my neighbor said: Why did you do that? It would only have been replaced by a million other chickens! Call me crazy: the thought of that bird struggling against its bonds forever was just too horrible. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thank you for faithfully reading.


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