Monday, October 2, 2023

Are you Sirius?

 I actually heard myself looking up at a star and saying "Are you Sirius?" Of course, it made me smile. And also understand why people sometimes have difficulty learning English! So many spoken words can be spelled differently and with totally different meanings. Think about a cloudbank. A place where you take your clouds to deposit them? Perhaps in Heavenly Savings bank? And because I heard the ocean this morning while star gazing, oceanhear rather than oceanview. Maybe taking things too far.

But I broke an important barrier this week: 806 meteor sightings! It seems like a lot, doesn't it? And there are some other Meteor Showers (now there's a picture: stepping into a shower and being bombarded by meteors) coming up before the end of the year, so here's hoping.

No pics though; my camera isn't zoned for catching many astronomical things.  The Moon was up and clouds, so things combined for the stars to show.

I am definitely entranced with pink clouds. It helps when they have cool designs too.

God's rays

And pretty shaped clouds

We used to see rolled hay bales when we lived in Texas. 

It is sometimes easier to add a cloud to the Moon...

A gardener near me has mad skills with roses. Of course, it helps that God made them to begin with!

Two light poles and the Moon

If featured in the Orsay, I would call it Nuage avec oiseau (cloud with bird.)

Nene on the wing
There is always a powerline to get in the way..
but God's rays shine through

I love these flowers, even if I can't get into the yard to snap the photo.
Talk about mad skills...lovely orchids

The bees LOVE this fluffy growth at the top.
Surveying her domain.

Jupiter and the Moon. Moon diameter is 2,159.2 miles. Jupiter is 86,881 miles. But being closer, the Moon looks much larger!

Moon and Jupiter with the help of clouds. Moon is at the top.

Oddly shaped clouds

One of the loose dogs. We worry because they can prey on the birds.

Another one. They can roam around a lot, as there are fields nearby.

Jupiter and Moon

I liked this cactus against the sky.
I agree with this sentiment. 

"Why did he go and leave the box of treats behind?!"

"No, really! I want to know!"

Well, the meteor time is coming up. Time to sleep so I can awaken by 1:30!! Thank you for reading. Now, get on out and enjoy the skies!

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